Astrology can provide clues for good health: Pandit S. Kumar Vyas

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Jodhpur, Rajasthan/ 5 October 2016.
Namaskar, I am Manoj Tibrewal Aakash. Today I am in Jodhpur, Rajasthan with a renowned astrologer Pandit  S. Kumar Vyas


We will talk to Pandit S. Kumar Vyas about Astrology.


Manoj: First of all we want to know what is astrology?
Pt. Vyas: Astrology is being practiced in India for centuries and is considered to be an accurate science. Here an astrologer finds the past of a person and then calculates the future or can predict each day of the future. If the calculation is right then there is 90-95% chance of getting the correct prediction.


Manoj: Can a person know his Past, Present and Future through astrology?
Pt. Vyas: Yes. Past, Present and Future can be known and predicted by precise calculation. But this knowledge should not be misused for any purpose. 


Manoj: Nowadays people are suffering from various diseases. Is there a way to rid of the diseases through astrology?
Pt. Vyas: In astrology there is a mantra for every star and every planet. If a person has to chants the mantra of his star periodically and worship his planet, he can win over his disease. But he must not forget his karma and when the time is right the planets shall reward him by positive energies.

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