DN Exclusive: Serpentine queues at ATMs and banks leave the citizens chaotic and confusing

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New Delhi/ 11 November 2016.
With the opening of ATMs on Friday after 2-day closure due to demonetization of Rs 1000 and Rs 500, long queues of people were seen in front of almost all ATMs in the capital. 

But the demand was so high that most of the machines ran out of cash within a few hours leaving many of the people frustrated and disappointed. 


ATM operators said most machines were operating at just 10% capacity because of a crunch in the supply of Rs 100 notes. 

Others said they just don’t have enough staff and vans to keep re-stocking ATMs that are witnessing high demand.


At the same time serpentine queues were there outside almost all the banks to exchange Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes. 

With the banks inadequate to face such an unprecedented rush of customers, there were some unpleasant situations in and outside the bank where people with frenzied nerves argued with each other at different bank branches.


Police was deployed at many places to monitor the crowd and situation. 


The demonetization has also affected the business sector. Most of the markets in the city are either shut down or wear a deserted look. 

One of the busiest shopping centers, Gaffar Market had few customers as only a few shops were open.
Even the pavement vendors were dozing off as there were no customers. 


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