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Shapath Mandal
New Delhi/ 30 November 2016.
Getting down from the Karol Bagh metro station one is startled by the chaotic environment created by hawkers, rickshaws and e-rickshaws. They crowd the Karol Bagh metro vicinity. 

One day there was a heated argument between one of the e-rickshaw drivers and a man named Pappu. Dynamite News went to find the reason for the dispute.

Hafta Wasool
An e-rickshaw driver named Bappu who resides in the Chattarpur area said, “The man was fighting with me because I was late for paying the protection money to the SHO.”

Everyone from hawkers selling handbags and other things to the e-rickshaw drivers in the Karol Bagh metro vicinity has to pay a rental or more a protection money to different individual protectorate in order to carry on their business properly and daily.

The protectorate involves traffic police, the station house officer and the municipal corporation of Delhi.


Protection money to protectors of law
The e-rickshaw drivers have to pay Rs 200-per month to the traffic police and Rs 20-per day to the local police station in order to park under the metro station. 

The hawkers or the shops near the metro station must have to pay Rs 5000-7000-per month depending on their distance of their shops from the metro station. 

In the vicinity of Karol Bagh Metro station there are about 50 shops and about 50-60 e-rickshaws stop everyday under the station for daily passengers to commute. 

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