Glimpses of fun and frolicking of Obama's Precidency

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New Delhi/ 7 January 2017.
Photo editors had a great time during the Obama Precidency. Young and attractive man with a handsome family who brought an openness and sense of fun to the White House.

Here are some of the selected photos.


Moments before Obama took the oath to become the 44th president of the United States in 2009.


Obama fist-bumps custodian Lawrence Lipscomb in the White House. 


Obama plainly loves children. This shot of him playing with Ella Rhodes, the daughter of his deputy national security adviser, in the Oval Office.


After meeting with Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney, Obama mimics her ‘not impressed’ look. His jokey nature and willingness to make a fool of himself has been a large part of his appeal.


This great shot behind the scenes on inauguration day in 2009 is characteristic of the intimacy between Obama and Michelle, and their relationship is key in many ways to the sustained levels of public and media interest throughout the presidency.


Michelle and Barack hugging after a campaign event in Lowa became the most retweeted picture in history. (The Guardian)


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