Donald Trump promises to rebuild country using American workers

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Trump said that America's labor leaders will always find an open door with him.

US President Donald Trump (File Photo)
US President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Washington D.C: U.S. President Donald Trump has pledged to rebuild the country using American construction workers.

"Together, we are going to rebuild our nation. You're the backbone of America. With the talent in this room, we can build any city, any time, and better than anyone," The Hill quoted Trump as saying at the North America's Building Trades Union (NABTU) legislative conference.

Trump said that America's labor leaders will always find an open door with him.

"We're a nation of builders, and it was about time we had a builder in the White House," he said.

Trump said that he had signed one action after another to eliminate job-killing regulations that stood in the way and promised to bring back the 750,000 construction jobs that have been lost.


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Trump displayed a giant chart to showcase all the regulations that must be complied with to build highways in the country and some of the permits required for it to be implemented.

"If you want to build a highway in the United States, these are some of the permits that you need. It's a process that can take way over 10 years. And it just never happens. Then at the end of the period they vote against it. And we're getting rid of many of these regulations," Trump said.

Trump stated that his administration is also going to protect their jobs by protecting American borders.

"My administration is just a matter of weeks, literally, a short period of time has brought record reductions to illegal immigration," he said.

Trump added that his administration is also cracking down on visa abuses that undermine the American worker.

"We've done so much for the worker. Done so much for the military. We've done so much for the police officers, our men in blue and women in blue who are not treated fairly. We're fighting for workers of all backgrounds and from all walks of life," he said.

Trump called on all Americans, Democrat, Republican, independent to come together and take part in the great rebuilding of the country.

"Together, we are ready to break new ground. We will build in the spirit of one of the great projects in our nation's history -- an enduring symbol of American strength," Trump said.

"Great to talk jobs with #NABTU2017. Tremendous spirit & optimism - we will deliver! Thank you Sean McGarvey & the entire Governing Board of Presidents for honoring me w/an invite to speak," Trump tweeted. (ANI)

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