Love soaking in local cultures? Here are cities in United States best suited for walking

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Do you love getting into your running shoes and going for a jog early in the morning? The best way to explore any city is on foot, taking in its sights, sounds, and smells up close and personal. But while you can saunter just about anywhere, some cities are more walkable than others.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Minneapolis, you’ll never be far from where you need to be – literally. Minneapolis is a compact downtown, so no matter where you are, there are many options to get there quickly and easily.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ranked one of the top 10 walkable cities in the USA by, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is easy to get to and around. Not just this, it is consistently cited as one of the most walkable cities in the US


Whether you want to walk down for work or for fun, Seattle is a dynamic and walkable city nestled in the Pacific Northwest that offers many sidewalks and trails that will get you where you want to go. Some of the most walkable neighborhoods in Seattle include Ballard. Ballard residents don't prefer a car for their daily commute between grocery stores, parks, and schools.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city where one can take a tour by foot, trolley, bike or boat. It offers tours for all interests like historical, food and wine, architectural, film, the harbour islands, and even tours for little feet. It is known as the walkable city for a good reason.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a walking city with an easy-to-navigate downtown grid. Madison Street divides the city north and south, while State Street divides it east and west. The State/Madison intersection marks the origin of Chicago's address grid system. Not just this, the city was also voted one of America's most disability-friendly cities by the National Organization on Disability, as it is accessible for visitors with special needs and offers many resources.

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