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Top News of the day
Top News of the day

New Delhi: Here are some important storiers of the day.

1.Priyanka Gandhi: Police have put minor students of Madarsa in Jail   

2.   Kota: Central team reaches JK Lon Hospital as death toll rises to 107    

3. Attack on Nankana Sahib reprehensible and must be condemned: Rahul Gandhi  

4. Kota infant deaths: Mayawati warns UP govt to maintain hospitals in state

5. Arvind Kejriwal: Do not vote for those who "create divisions among Hindus and Muslims  

6 CM Soren: Kejriwal govt's health, edu initiatives inspiration for Jharkhand

7. Trump says Soleimani plotted imminent attacks, but critics question just how soon 

8. Sidharth, Kiara vacationing together in Africa?

9. Virat Kohli: Won't comment on CAA without having proper knowledge on it

10.   Consuming berry juice can lower high blood pressure


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