24-HR Countdown Begins For LVM3-M2/OneWeb India-1 Mission

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OneWeb is a global communication network powered from space enabling connectivity for governments, businesses and communities. Read more on Dynamite News:

24-hr Countdown begins for LVM3-M2/OneWeb India-1 mission
24-hr Countdown begins for LVM3-M2/OneWeb India-1 mission

Chennai: The 24 hour countdown for thetomorrow's morning launch of 36 satellites of theUK-based One Web using the heaviest rocket LauncherGSLV-MkIII--rechristened as LVM3-M2--from the spaceportof Sriharikota, SHAR Range, commenced today morning.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) sourcessaid the countdown began at 12.07 a.m. on Saturdaymorning.

The launch will take place from the Second LaunchPad at 12.07 A.M. tomorrow.

During the countdown, propellant filling operationswill be carried out in the three-stage vehicle.

This would be an exclusive dedicated commercialmission by the Indian Space Agency.

ISRO has redesignated the GSLV-MkIII as LVM-3as the rocket will inject the satellite in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and not in the Geo-SynchronousTransfer Orbit for which the Geo-SynchronousSatellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) has been designed.

About 20 minutes after lift off, the 43.5 m tall 3-stagevehicle, with a total lift-off mass of 644 tonnes, will place the satellites into circular LEO of 601 km withan inclination of 87.4 Deg to the equator.

This mission is the fifth flight of LVM3 and with this launch, LVM3 is making its entry intothe 'Global Commercial Launch Service Market'.

ISRO said it is the first multi-satellite mission with 36 OneWeb Satellites to the LEO as the heaviest payload mass of 5,796 kg of LVM3 till date.

This is the first commercial mission of LVM3, first multi-satellite mission with 36 OneWeb satellites on board, First launch of LVM3 to LEO, First Indianrocket with six ton payload, First NSIL mission with LVM3 and the First OneWeb Mission with NSIL/DoS.

OneWeb is a global communication network poweredfrom space enabling connectivity for governments,businesses and communities. It is implementing aconstellation of LEO satellites.

India's Bharti Enterprises serves as a major investorand shareholder in OneWeb.

This is OneWeb's 14th launch and with ISRO and NSILopens up the space sector in India.

The constellation will have a total of 648 satellites. (UNI)

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