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New Delhi/ 2 December 2016.
December is known as the month of Christmas. As the advent is observed in all over the world, everyone is gearing up for the nativity of Jesus Christ.  


The festival is full of joy and baking cakes. Therefore, we can’t image a Christmas without cake.


Here the Dynamite News brings you the recipe of Christmas cake: 


Flour                          1 cup
Choco powder           ½ cup
Baking soda              ¾ large spoon
Mitha soda                 a pinch
Eggs                          4 large size
Sugar                         1 cup
Refined oil                  1 cup
Venila essence           2 tea spoon 

Take flour in a bowl and add choco powder, baking soda, mitha soda and mix them properly. 

Take a separate bowl and whip the eggs till it get lighten. Add sugar in egg batter and mix it. After, put refined oil and mix it well.   

Add first bowl to batter one and mix till it gets thick. 

Put 2-3 spoon of vanilla essence and add dry fruits. Grease the cake tin with refined oil. 

Transfer the batter to the tin and keep it in microwave for 6 to 7 minutes at normal temperature. 

After baking, leave the cake in microwave for five minutes in off mode. 

Then sever it by topping of chocolate syrup. 

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