DN Exclusive: Is PNB top management under deep slumber? CBI nabs another official for bribe, Bank’s work culture under question mark

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Back to back arrest of Punjab National Bank's (PNB) officials by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in corruption cases is raising a big question on the work culture and credibility of the Bank. Why does the top management totally fail to make the Bank corruption free? Read full story on Dynamite News:

CBI nabs another branch manager of PNB
CBI nabs another branch manager of PNB

New Delhi: Saurabh Kumar Rajvanshi, branch manager of Punjab National Bank's (PNB) Chhitauni Branch in Kushinagar UP was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday for taking bribes.

According to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Rajvanshi had demanded the money from a man Pradeep Vishwakarma in exchange of disbursing a pre-sanctioned Mudra loan of Rs 1.9 lakh. Vishwakarma complained to the CBI and a team was sent to investigate the matter. The CBI team caught Rajvanshi red-handed accepting the bribe from Vishwakarma.

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Utter negligence by PNB
Despite several steps like Vigilance Department, Vigilance Manual, Vigilance Dashboard, TMSAC, PNB Vigil taken by Punjab National Bank (PNB) to curb corruption, it appears that the Bank top officials, while sitting in the air-conditioned rooms of Delhi, often forget to implement these steps.

Due to the negligence of the concerned officers, the other Bank employees are almost hijacking the vigilance system of PNB. As a result, the corruption cases in PNB are multiplying and catching the media headlines. But the top management is silently watching, throwing the reputation and credibility of PNB to dust.

Swift action by CBI
According to the Dynamite News correspondent, just last month, the CBI had arrested a bank manager of PNB in Baghpat district, UP for taking bribes. 

Lalit, manager of Khekra branch of Baghpat, was arrested red-handed while taking a bribe from a farmer named Shubham Dhama in exchange for a loan.

And last Saturday another branch manager of Chhitauni branch was caught red-handed while taking bribes in Kushinagar in UP and sent to jail. This manager, named Saurabh Kumar Rajvanshi, did not even spare the PM's very important scheme 'Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana' and took bribes for a Mudra loan. The CBI team that arrived from Lucknow, following a complaint, arrested him red-handed while accepting the bribe.

Deteriorating work culture in PNB
Some serious questions are being raised on the work culture of PNB, and rightly so. After all, what the top officers of the Bank, sitting in the headquarters of Punjab National Bank in Delhi are doing? Why are they not able to reign in this rampant corruption in the Bank branches? Could it be that there is something more to this game that is not visible?

Crores of rupees being spent on branding
PNB is spending crores of rupees every month on marketing and branding. Countless outdoor hoardings are seen everywhere in big cities like Delhi. From metro trains, to railway stations to airports there is an all over campaign of PNB. Many newspapers and magazines are often covered with PNB advertisements with negligible positive results.

Ultimately, the big question remains: Would the Bank top management be ever able to check the deteriorating image of the Bank?

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