Ek Mulaqat: Exclusive interview with 2024 batch IAS topper Aishwaryam Prajapati

Manoj Tibrewal Aakash

Aishwaryam Prajapati, the IAS topper of 2024 batch secured 10th All India Rank in the UPSC Exam. In an exclusive interview under the country's biggest talk show "Ek Mulaqat" hosted by Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, Aishwaryam candidly shared her success story. Must follow this interview on Dynamite News:

New Delhi: This time Aishwaryam Prajapati is the Guest of Honor in "Ek Mulaqat" - The biggest talk show of the country.  Aishwaryam is the topper of the India’s most prestigious examination of "Indian Administrative Service".

In an Exclusive interview with Dynamite News Editor-in-Chief and veteran media anchor Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, under the auspices of "Ek Mulaqat", Aishwaryam Prajapati unveiled many mysterious facts about her exemplary success.  She also talked about several tips for young boys and girls nurturing a dream of qualifying the IAS. 

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Born in the remote place of Maharajganj in Uttar Pradesh, Aishwaryam Prajapati is the IAS 2024 batch with 10th All India Rank holder. 

Success In Second Attempt
During the interview, Aishwaryam Prajapati told Manoj Tiberwal Aakash that she could succeed only in the second attempt. However, she added that she never got disappointed by her first failure. Rather she analysed her failure extensively and tried to fill the gaps that were left unattended in the first attempt.   

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Success Sans Coaching
It must be a pleasant surprise to all those IAS aspirants who for one or the other reason can’t afford expensive coaching. Right so because Aishwaryam became a top ranker in IAS without any coaching. 

Family of Aishwaryam
Mythologically Aishwaryaam belongs to a family of ‘Lakshmis’. There are her parents and their three daughters. Aishwaryaam is the eldest of them. Her father is a professor and her mother is a housewife. Aishwaryam's second sister is an electric engineer in Hindalco while the youngest sister is studying in class VIII.

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IAS Dream 
Aishwaryam says that since childhood she nurtured a dream of IAS. Therefore my father used to ask me to watch 'Ek Mulakat' which also carried the interviews of IAS toppers. Watching those interviews inspired me to become an IAS.  

UPSC Preparation
During my preparation, I was completely dedicated and fully focused and dedicated just on the IAS. For almost one and a half years I shut all the doors around me with just one window open of IAS. 

Time Management
I divided my time equally into three parts. Eight hours for IAS studies, eight hours for sleep and the remaining eight hours for other tasks. As I am not early riser, I normally studied for IAS from afternoon to late night.  

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Advice to IAS Aspirants
My only advice to young boys and girls who want to become IAS is to have ‘motivation from within.’ Do not pay any heed to outside advice from anybody who so ever. 

How to Face IAS Challenge 
“Read the syllabus of the subjects you have opted for carefully and just limit your studies to the prescribed syllabus,” says Aishwaryam. She further advises the aspirants that they should read the Commission’s guidelines to understand the pattern of the exam.

Besides the aspirants should focus more on revising what has already been read rather than studying too much material, says Aishwaryam.  

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Choice of Optional Subjects 
Regarding the selection of optionals, you should choose only those subjects you are interested in and familiar with. Secondly also keep in mind how much content is available on that subject like test series, books etc. Thirdly, you should also consider the fact that some subjects are in trend and attract better marks.  

Hindi-English Medium 
It is absolutely wrong conception that English medium is better than Hindi medium in UPSC. What is more important is the knowledge of the subject and the way you express that knowledge in the exam. English or Hindi or any other medium hardly matters. 

Again, Aishwaryaam says, that it’s a misconception that only those who are good at studies since childhood can become an IAS.

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Basically, you have to prepare for this exam from the basics. There is no such advantage if you have topped in class X, XII or graduation. IAS is a different type of exam, which has many parameters.

Normal Interview Questions 
Aishwaryam told the Dynamite News that her interview part was excellent. Questions are often asked based on your background. Since I have done Electrical Engineering, I was asked questions related to it. Some questions were from Electrical Energy, and Power Factors. 

Besides, I was asked about ‘One District One Product’ of my home district Maharajganj. Many questions were asked related to Uttar Pradesh and its highways. Many questions related to national and international events and current affairs were also asked.

Opinion On Caste Census 
When Dynamite News asked her opinion on Caste Census, Aishwaryam said that it has both merits and demerits. She said that one big advantage of the Caste Census is that it can identify those castes which have been deprived so far and did not get the benefit of many government policies and programmes. After the Caste Census, their authentic data will be available and then the benefits can easily be provided to them. 

However, the biggest demerit or disadvantage, whatever you call it, of the Caste Census is that might promote more casteism.

Success Mantra
There is one and only one Success Mantra to qualify the UPSC exam is study...study... study and study consistently. That means that you must study regularly and continuously without skipping even a single day in between. 

However, adds Aishwaryam, another equally important Mantra for success not only in UPSC exam but in any other exam also is: Be a good human being. You may ask who is a good human being?  A person who follows the dictum of age-old wisdom which is: Do unto others, as you would like others do unto you.   

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