Exclusive Interview: Dr Shalya Raj, CEO, Subharti University unfolds her dream of a school

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Subharti University is today one of the premier higher education institutions in the country. CEO Dr Shalya Raj, in a candid interview with Dynamite News, revealed her long-time dream of starting a school as well. Here is the complete interview:

Meerut: Subharti University, located in Meerut in western Uttar Pradesh, close to the National Capital Delhi, has made a mark of high success in a short period. 

Inspired by legendary Swami Vivekananda and imbued with the motto of ever-green "Jai Hind", the University is going to complete two decades of its establishment. 
Prof (Dr) Shalya Raj, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Subharti University, in an exclusive interview with Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, Editor-in-Chief of Dynamite News, talks extensively on the journey so far, academic programs, and plans of expansion of the University. 

Facing The Challenges 
Dr Shalya Raj, in response to a question about so many technical and non-technical courses including medical, and engineering for thousands of students, said that obviously, you face some challenges when you are out to fulfill a big mission….'My parents taught me many lessons but the most precious one was - not to give up ever.' 

My Parents founded the University 
Dr Shalya, while describing its journey, said that Subharti University was founded in 2005 by her parents. However, before the University, the Dental College was opened. The University Grants Commission extended the recognition to Subharti University in 2008.

The University Motto: Education, Service, Values and Nation
Dr Shalya Raj told Dynamite News that her father's idea behind this University was that every youth must have the feeling of working for the country with traditional values. Whatever profession one chooses, the aim should always be – The Nation First. Hence the University Motto is - Education, Service, Values and Nation.

She said that her father is still working tirelessly following the University Motto. 

Dr Raj said that they have a University in Dehradun as well. 

Various Courses
Dr Shalya Raj said that they have variety of medical courses including dental, nursing, physiotherapy, naturopathy, and pharmacy. Besides there are other courses including engineering, fine arts, law, journalism, home science. In all there are more than 200 courses in different disciplines offered by the University. The University also has recognition for distance education.

Next Endeavour: School For Children
Dr Shalya Raj was quite enthusiastic while unfolding her parents’ dream of starting a school for children. She said that her parents always wanted that a child should join Subharti in KG and should go out only after completing a professional degree from this University.

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