Health Tips: Beat the heat by making droolworthy recipes from 'curd'

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It is extremely beneficial to eat curd during summers. Curd cools the digestive system. Know the scrumptious recipes made from it. Read further on Dynamite News:


New Delhi: Curd is the another name of taste. It is a rich source of Probiotic. Curd also strengthens our immunity system.

Curd's Chhach

Chhach is popuraly known as buttermilk. It is packed with health wonders by improving our digestive system. Chhach can be consumed with food. Curd improves digestion and provides nourishment. Here is the recipe below:

1. Mix curd and water in a bowl.
2. Curdle the batter thoroughly so that we can separate the butter from milk.
3. Now add black salt and black pepper to enhance it's taste.
4. Garnish it with mint leaves.
5. Serve chilled.


Buttermilk (Lassi)

Curd contains calcium which strengthens our nerves. It cures the problem of constipation. Curd contains the minerals like calcium, phosphorus and vitamins which are necessary for health. 

Lassi's Recipe

1. Add curd, water, sugar and black salt and mix them together in a bowl.

2. Ferment them thoroughly.

3.Cool it in a utensil or refrigerator. 

4. Serve chilled.



Curd's Raita

Raita maintains the body temperature.

1. Add curd to the bowl and whisk it.
2. Add veggies as per your choice.
3. Mix them well and garnish it with coriander leaves.
4. Raita is ready to serve. Serve it with rice.


When not to eat curd

1. Curd should not consumed during winters and generates cough in the body.

2. Black salt in curd cures cough.

Curd rice made from curd

Consuming curd rice provides many benefits. It contains balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It improves digestion and can also help control diabetes. Along with this, curd rice helps in maintaining heart health.

Curd can be served with paratha, rice or other side dishes along with food

1. Wash curd rice thoroughly.
2. Heat oil in a pan.
3. Add curd rice in hot oil and fry until it becomes light brown.
4. Add water and cook until it boils.
5. After boiling add salt.
6. Sim on low flame and cook till the water dries up.
7. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.



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