Iran: Shooting in Parliament, eight injured

DN Bureau

According to sources, some people have been taken hostage by the attackers.

A view of Iran parliament (File Photo)
A view of Iran parliament (File Photo)

Tehran: At least eight persons have reportedly been injured after an unknown male assailant fired several rounds at guards protecting the parliament building in Tehran on Wednesday.


As per initial local media reports, the gunman opened his way into the parliament building by shooting at the guards, leading to injuries to one of the guards and two civilians.


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The two civilians had reportedly come to visit their deputies in Tehran.


The Fars News Agency quoted a senior member of parliament's Presiding Board, Akbar Ranjbarzadeh as saying that the assailant was arrested in the parliament's hallway.


Elyas Hazrati, a senior MP, was quoted as saying that three assailants had attacked parliament, carrying two Kalashnikov rifles and a handgun. (ANI)

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