Lockdown Support: Yuva Halla Bol launches helpline for lockdown stuck people away from home

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Youth and Unemployment rights organisation Yuva Halla Bol has begun helping some of the most vulnerable people stuck away from homes due to the nationwide lockdown to fight the COVID19 pandemic. We have launched the helpline no. 9810408888 and have requested people to contact in any kind of lockdown induced emergency situations.

Yuva Halla Bol Lockdown Helpline Number
Yuva Halla Bol Lockdown Helpline Number

New Delhi: The Prime Minister’s declaration of the much needed nationwide lockdown has created a lot of anxiety among people especially those living in difficult circumstances away from their hometowns and villages. The situation is particularly concerning for daily wage and contract based labour and other poor and vulnerable sections who sustain themselves and their families through their daily earnings.  

After news started posting in from different parts of the country that the sudden wipe out of jobs and sources of income have caused lakhs moving back to their homes thousands of kilometres away sometimes just on foot, Yuva Halla Bol decided to help. Our continued work for the rights of the unemployed has enabled us to work in sync with local administration at many places for providing much needed help at this time.

Yuva Halla Bol believes that this fight against a very rare but severe hardship requires the combined effort of every Indian. While the government has erred initially in terms of the appropriate preparation and response required to deal with the pandemic, we strongly believe that going forward, the government will quickly make up for its errors and deal with this crisis effectively. 

The helpline number has already started receiving calls from different places across the country and our team of young volunteers is in constant touch with the local administrations to resolve the issues quickly. 

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