Maulana Azad Dental Institute celebrates World Endodontic Day: Save your natural tooth

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The main objective was to increase awareness of the dental health challenges posed by endodontic diseases. Read further on Dynamite News:

World Endodontics Day organized in MAIDS
World Endodontics Day organized in MAIDS

New Delhi: Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences (MAIDS), New Delhi on Monday celebrated the World Endodontic Day. The main objective was to increase awareness of the dental health challenges posed by endodontic diseases and the preventative and therapeutic measures provided by dentists and endodontists.

All the faculty members, postgraduate students, and a large number of residents participated in the progamme. 

The Department organized various public awareness activities, including lectures by eminent experts. A skit was also presented that conveyed the message "Save your natural teeth from extractions by seeking timely intervention from an endodontist" besides a quiz to show the significance of preserving the natural teeth.

On this occasion, Prof (Dr) Tulika Tripathi, Director Principal, MAIDS said that untreated dental cavities is the most prevalent disease worldwide, and Endodontics plays a pivotal role in saving our natural teeth. 

Former Director-Principal of MAIDS, and Former President, Indian Endodontic Society, Prof (Dr) Sangeeta Talwar emphasized the importance of awareness campaigns like World Endodontic Day. 

Prof (Dr) Ruchika R Nawal, Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry, and Executive Council Member, Indian Endodontic Society, said, "Our department is dedicated to advancing the field of endodontics and ensuring that our patients receive the best care. These awareness activities are just a glimpse of the work we do daily. We strive to stay at the forefront of dental care, conducting research, and delivering exceptional clinical services."

Prof (Dr) Ruchika R Nawal pointed out that extractions should be the last resort, as untimely tooth loss adversely affects the quality of life. Dental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. She said there is only one missive: 'All Languages- Single Message - Save Natural Tooth'.

Prof (Dr) Gopi Krishna, Secretary General of International Federation of Endodontic Association (IFEA) said, "Approximately half of the world's adult population is affected by at least one diseased tooth with apical periodontitis." 

Dr Anil Kohli, former President of the Dental Council of India, said, "It is high time the public realizes that teeth play a much more significant role in determining their quality of life. Their role is not limited to just chewing or speaking; they profoundly influence an individual's overall personality and quality of life."