Power Subsidy: Delhi government confusing consumers by different announcements for electricity subsidy

Subhash Raturi

The Arvind Kejriwal government is making new announcements one after the other for the last few months regarding subsidy on electricity bills. But the consumer is upset and confused due to non-implementation of any of the announcements made so far by the government. Read full report on Dynamite News:

CM Arvind Kejriwal (File Photo)
CM Arvind Kejriwal (File Photo)

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal government had announced a few months back that the power subsidy from 1 October will be given only to those consumers who opt for it. For this the Delhi Government made many announcements regarding new ways of getting subsidy on electricity bills. But even after about more than 3 months, the government has not provided any definite system of option for consumers leaving them utterly confused. Many of the consumers even doubt the intention of the government to continue the power subsidy.

In May this year, the Delhi government had first announced its new policy regarding electricity subsidy. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared that after 1 October, 2022, subsidy on electricity will be given only to those who specifically give option for it. He also said that there are many people who can pay the electricity bill without subsidy and with this money we can develop the city, schools and hospitals.

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Then in June, the Delhi government had said that people who want subsidy on electricity bills would have to fill a form and tick ‘Yes’ option and submit the same in the electricity office. The government said that the form will be supplied to the consumers along with the electricity bill for the month of July. The government said these forms would be available in both digital and physical form. But till this date no such forms have been given to the consumers.

Then in August , the Kejriwal government again came forward with a new announcement of providing a telephone number through which the consumers could register their option of getting subsidy by giving a ‘missed call’ on that number. But there is no such telephone number announced so far by the Delhi government.

In the meantime the government has also said that consumers can also give their option by scanning QR code printed on the bill. But how to do it and from when?

Even the officials in the electricity offices do not know much about the subsidy plan of the government and are not able to give satisfactory answers to the queries of the consumers regarding the power subsidy.

Under the circumstances if no system of choice to continue power subsidy is provided to the consumers in time, what will happen after 1 October from when ‘no subsidy bills’ are to be issued to the consumers, as announced by the government.

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