Severe Cyclone 'Michaung' to make landfall next 4 hours at Andhra Pradesh

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India Meteorological Department said that Severe Cyclonic Storm Michaung will cross the South Andhra Pradesh coast near Bapatla during the next 4 hours with a maximum speed of 90-100 kilometers per hour. Read further on Dynamite News:

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Vishakhapatnam: India Meteorological Department said that Severe Cyclonic Storm Michaung will cross the South Andhra Pradesh coast near Bapatla during the next 4 hours with a maximum speed of 90-100 kilometers per hour.

"Severe Cyclonic Storm Michaung will cross South Andhra Pradesh coast near Bapatla during next 4 hours at 0830 hrs on December 5 near South Andhra Pradesh coast, Latitude 15.2°N, Longitude 80.25°E, with a maximum speed of 90-100 kmph. Wind speed can reach 110 km per hour," IMD posted on X.

"The severe cyclonic storm Michaung lies over the west-central bay of Bengal off the south Andhra Pradesh coast. It lies 140 kilometres in the south-southwest direction of Babatla. So in 4 hours, it will come nearer to the coast to Babatla. Nearer to the Bapatla only It will cross as a severe cyclone storm. During crossing time the system will maintain wind speeds of 80 to 92, gusting at 110 km/h. 

While this system is in the sea winds and rainfall are heavy," said Sunanda, Director of Visakhapatnam Cyclone Warning Centre, IMD.

"Heavy downpours of rainfall may be experienced by the south coast of Andhra Pradesh, near Prakasham, Bhapatla, Machli, Patnam, and even East-West Godavari, will also will experience this heavy rainfall downpour. So now, due to this wind this system the winds along and of Andhra Pradesh coast are reaching speeds of even 60, 45 to 55 in north-coastal Andhra Pradesh. Whereas in south-coastal Andhra Pradesh, winds ranged from 70 to 80 gusting 90 kmph. This system will continue further for the coming 4 hours,"

Speaking about rainfall recorded in Andhra Pradesh, Sunanda, the IMD Director said, "It's the highest rainfall recorded in Nellore, near about 21 highest rainfall in Babatla and 15 cm in Machilipatnam. Many areas recorded heavy to very heavy and even extreme heavy rainfall was also received. Still, in south-coastal Andhra Pradesh, these rainfall bands are there. Today also we will receive heavy to very heavy rainfall at one or two places. Port warnings.

Port warnings still from Machli Patnam to Krishna Patnam in all ports danger signal number ten is continued. And for Kakinada danger signal number nine and Vishakapatnam to Kalingapatnam ports LC three signals are continued."

Chennai Airport has resumed operations after being temporarily shut down due to heavy rains that caused flooding and waterlogging on the runways, said an airport official. The airport will be open for both arrivals and departures from 0900 hours IST onwards.

According to a statement released by the airport authorities, the rains have stopped, and the water has receded. However, there is a lot of slush and filth on the runways and taxiways, which is being cleared by four Civilian Firearms Teams (CFTs) and additional manpower.

The Chennai Team has confirmed that all CNS and ATM facilities are functioning normally, and the NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) will be withdrawn shortly. Airlines and other stakeholders have been informed about the resumption of operations and have been asked to plan their flights accordingly.

Amid destructions caused by Severe Cyclonic storm 'Michaung' in the state, Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin on Tuesday said that the rains received during Cyclone period have exceeded what the state has received in 2015.

Addressing the press conference, MK Stalin said "Even after receiving historical rains, the damages are less compared to the previous times. The rains received during Cyclone Michaung exceeded what we received in 2015 when the floods were artificial due to the release of water from Sembarambakkam Lake but now it is a natural flood."

"Chennai has escaped only because of the desilting works that we did in 4000 crores. In 2015, there were 199 deaths reported but now even with excessive rains the death toll is only 8 but still, it could have been averted," Stalin added.

Meanwhile, 8 people have lost their lives while multiple roads and subways are closed due to waterlogging in the wake of the Severe Cyclonic Storm 'Michaung', which is expected to make landfall on the southern coast of Andhra Pradesh between Nellore and Machilipatnam today.

"Traffic has been closed on Manjambakkam to Vadaperumbakkam Road due to the release of water from the Puzhal Lake," police said on Tuesday. The police further informed that 8 deaths have been reported so far in the state.

The police also added that many families including pregnant women, children, and senior citizens were rescued from different areas who were stuck due to wreak havoc of Cyclone Michaung.

Around 17 subways including the Ganesapuram Subway, Gengureddy Subway, Sembium (Perambur), Villivakkam and Duraisamy Subway are closed due to water logging, the police informed further.

"Fallen trees have been removed at 58 places in the GCP limit," police said.

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin on Tuesday morning inspected the Cyclone affected areas in the state. The Tamil Nadu CM inspected the rain relief camp set up in Kannapar Thital, Chennai. There are 162 relief centres in which 43 are operated accommodating 2477 Chennai residents. There are 20 kitchens operational providing food to these relief centres.

The state government has asked the authorities about the availability of ready-made items including rice-dals-vegetables and their quality to arrange food for those staying in the relief camps.

5000 workers from other districts are moved to Chennai for the mitigation works. Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary and other top officials are monitoring operations at the Integrated Command & Control Center. For the Chennai corporation the focus is on prioritizing rescue operations, providing food to individuals relocated to relief centers and clearing roads.

The bridge in the Nerkundram area is surrounded by water overflowing from the Koovam River. Due to release of water from the Chembarambakkam Lake Madha engineering college near Chembarambakkam was partially submerged. Water reached nearly neck level and people struggled to walk. (ANI)

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