Women's Day Google Doodle: Inspirational Quotes from international trailblazer

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Google on Friday celebrated International Women's Day 2019 with a collection of inspirational quotes across various languages by thirteen international female trailblazers. The Google Doodle opens to 11 colourful dialogue boxes with the word ‘woman’ written in 11 languages, including Hindi, Bengali and Urdu.

Google Doodle

According to Google, “Connecting to the larger theme of women empowering women, the quotes were also designed by a talented group of female guest artists from around the globe.”

Dr Mae Jemison, American astronaut and physician

The quote that topped the slide show list is attributed to Dr Mae Jemison, American astronaut and physician. “Never be limited by other people’s limited imagination,” it says .

Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist

The second slide quotes Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist says, "Feet what do i need them for if I have wings to fly?"

Emma Herwegh, German writer

The third slide quotes Emma Herwegh, German writer says, "Let nothing bind you in the world other than your highest inner truth"

Yoko ono, Japanese multimedia artist

The fourth slide quotes Yoko ono, Japanese multimedia artist says, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A Dream you dream together is reality"

NL Beno Zephine

The fifth slide quotes NL Beno Zephine, Indian diplomat says, "We are too precious to let disappointments enter our minds"

Mary Kom, Indian boxer

The sixth slide quotes Mary Kom, Indian boxer says, "Do not say you are weak, because you are a women."

Clarice Lispector, Brazilian novelist

The seventh slide quotes Clarice Lispector, Brazilian novelist says, "I am Stronger than myself."

Zaha Hadid, British-Iraqi architect

The eighth slide quotes Zaha Hadid, British-Iraqi architect says, "I really believe in the idea of the future."

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