BJP must be asked to pay Rs4,600Cr penalty: Congress accuses IT Dept of double standards

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"While the BJP was given exemption under the guise of IT rules the Department on the other hand was harassing the Congress party under the same rule," the Congress said. Read further on Dynamite News:

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New Delhi: Accusing the Income Tax Department of being soft towards the BJP, the Congress on Friday demanded that for level playing fields, the department should penalise the ruling party of Rs 4,600 crore using the same sections that it was using for the grand old party.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, Congress party Treasurer Ajay Maken, who was accompanied by general secretary in-charge communication Jairam Ramesh said, "Congress is planning to file a PIL at appropriate court and demand Rs 4,600 crore from the BJP".

"While the BJP was given exemption under the guise of IT rules the Department on the other hand was harassing the Congress party under the same rule," the Congress leader said.

He said that if the IT can penalise the Congress, it should also penalise the BJP for violation of rule as the party faces a penalty of Rs 4,600 crore in seven years. "Our demand is that the Income Tax Department should send a similar notice as it has sent to us to the BJP of Rs 4,600 crore," Maken added.

The Congress party Treasurer said, "The government was blatantly and shamefully using the IT Department to penalise the Congress. This is nothing but a way to financially handicap the main Opposition party of the country. With such an act can 2024 be called a free and fair election anymore?".

Maken said that the Congress party had thoroughly analysed the data from the Election Commission's website, and found some sensational details which shows the government was engaged into some tax terrorism.

"The BJP-ruled IT Department has so far forcibly taken out Rs 135 crore from our bank accounts, due to an alleged Rs 14 lakh non-compliance demand against the Congress. This amount was recovered by freezing over Rs 270 crore of our bank balance," the party Treasurer said.

He further alleged that, there was no name or address of those who donated Rs 42 crore to BJP and the government's frontal organisation -- the IT Department-- has failed to take action on the ruling party.

He asked the Government, the BJP and the IT as to why the Congress which is a tax-exempt political party was being forced to pay income tax during the ongoing 2024 Lok Sabha elections. And why have the BJP or its alliance parties not been dealt with similarly?

"Why has the IT Department not taken cognizance of the Yeddiyurappa Diaries, Jain Diaries, Sahara Diaries, Birla Diaries and Bangaru Lakshman convictions and penalised the BJP?" Maken wondered.

Moreover, the Congress leader also alleged that besides the Income Tax Department even the Election Commission was turning a blind eye to the shortcomings of the BJP.

With these strategies, Maken said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot stop the Congress party from contesting the upcoming the Lok Sabha election, adding, that the party will fight this election aggressively and will go to the people and show them the real face of BJP. (with PTI inputs)

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