Decision to increase gap between Covishield doses based on scientific evidence: NTAGI Chairman

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Chairman of India's COVID-19 Working Group of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) Dr NK Arora on Wednesday stated that the decision to increase the gap between two Covishield doses from 4-6 weeks to 12-16 weeks is based on "fundamental scientific reasons".

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Kathmandu: At least one person died while dozens are missing as floods triggered by monsoon rain wreak havoc in Sindhupalchowk district of central Nepal, officials confirmed.

The floods in Indrawati and Melamchi river are the result of an increase in water level after Tuesday's incessant rain.

"We suspect the flood originated from the main source of Melamchi and Indrawati River. The flood swept through corridors starting from Helambu. We are working on confirming and access the damage caused by the flood since last evening, as of now we only have confirmed report of one dead and reports of dozens still missing or out of contact," Arun Pokhrel, Chief District Officer of Sindhupalchowk told ANI over the phone.

Various local administration officials on early Wednesday morning confirmed damages and reports of people missing.

"In my village council only, there are reports of about 6 people missing since yesterday evening. Water level which started rising from late yesterday evening swept through Kiul and Gyalthum as well as swept houses that were built on the edge of Melamchi River," Nima Gyaljen Sherpa, Village Council Chief of Helambu Village Council told ANI over the phone. "Along with, the flood is also reported to have swept bridges and other infrastructures of electricity and communications. We still are not able to access the damage caused by it," Sherpa added.

Sindhupalchowk is one of the epicentres of the 2015 earthquake and has been battered by flood and other calamities on yearly basis. (ANI)


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