DN Exclusive: Naveen Jindal, BJP Kurukshetra candidate, unfolds the long-time secret for entering the political arena

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Naveen Jindal, the country's noted industrialist and two-term MP, currently BJP candidate from the Kurukshetra Lok Sabha seat, spoke openly amidst his busy election campaign, in an exclusive interview to Dynamite News. During the conversation, he revealed the specific reasons for his coming into politics. Read his full interview on Dynamite News:

New Delhi: Naveen Jindal, a two-term MP and one of the country's leading industrialists, is currently contesting from the Kurukshetra Lok Sabha constituency on a BJP ticket.

Amidst his tight election campaign schedule in Kurukshetra, Naveen Jindal spoke on wide-ranging topics in an exclusive interview to Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dynamite News.

In this interview, Naveen Jindal explained the reason for his entry into politics. He also told why he wanted to reach Parliament by contesting Lok Sabha elections instead of choosing the shortcut route through Rajya Sabha.

During the conversation, he put forth his Kurukshetra Vision Document besides a plethora of many new plans.

Naveen Jindal, to a question from Dynamite News, said that we want to prepare a road map for the development of Kurukshetra through the 'Kurukshetra Vision Document’.

That way we can do better things in Kurukshetra during the next 6 years till 2030. Although I have some good plans for this, we are seeking suggestions from common people so that everyone’s participation is ensured. 

Naveen Jindal said that BJP ‘Sankalp Patra’ includes several schemes for the development of the country and its people, especially the youths, including the biggest skill development centre here.

This will be the best training institute in India. About 10 thousand youths will be trained here every year who will be able to go abroad also and get better jobs in big companies and institutions.

Naveen Jindal asserted that he wanted to follow footsteps of his father Om Prakash Jindal. He said, “I have come into politics taking inspiration from my father. Taking inspiration from my father, I also believe that politics is a medium of public service.”

Naveen Jindal said, “My father always said that God has given us so much. Therefore, we should share the joy of this abundance with the people and the country.”

When asked about not choosing the Rajya Sabha route to reach Parliament, Naveen Jindal got a little philosophical and said that normally people do not come to your house unless you go to theirs.

When due to elections we visit the people with folded hands and seek their votes and blessing, we develop a kind of family bond with them. We get to know the ground reality. Know their problems.

Then people believe that when they can come to our house, we can also go to their place.

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