Do not fall for Obama's video message, its fake!

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Former US President Barack Obama speech has gone viral which was totally fake.

Former US President Barack Obama (File Photo)
Former US President Barack Obama (File Photo)

New York: Comedian Jordan Peele and BuzzFeed collaborated to make a mockumentary depicting former United States President Barack Obama delivering an official address to the people.

Halfway through the video, it is revealed that Peele had given the voiceover for the video and digitally manipulated it to look like as the original speech by Obama.

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As per the media reports, the aim of this collaboration was to make its viewers aware that one must not believe everything that is shown in the videos circulated online.

Peele and BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti together helmed this video project under the banner Monkeypaw Productions to highlight the importance of the media literacy among people.

The video was shared by several internet users across Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

The reports further mention that the video was built using AfterEffects and an application called as Fakeapp. (ANI)

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