Dynamite News Celebrates 8th Anniversary Today: Illustrious success in short span

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Today is the 8th Anniversary of Dynamite News Group. On this occasion, ‘Dynamite News Day’ is being celebrated across the country. Dynamite News, which started from Delhi, today stands at the pinnacle which is generally not achieved by everyone. How did Dynamite News establish itself in the media industry? Read our exclusive report:

Mega beginning started from a small place eight years ago
Mega beginning started from a small place eight years ago

New Delhi: On the occasion of the 8th Anniversary, ‘Dynamite News Day’ is being celebrated across the country. During its eight years journey, Dynamite News has achieved many successes and received several honours. While most of the Media Houses may be facing credibility crisis, Dynamite News has emerged as a new symbol of trust among its millions of readers. Whether the news is of International/National importance or related to the issues of common men, Dynamite News is always at the forefront. That's why Dynamite News has today become the 'True Voice' of Journalism. 

Grand launching ceremony of Hindi News Portal at India International Centre, New Delhi

A Golden Day of exemplary journey
Every year 16th October is a golden day in the wonderful journey of Dynamite News. On this day eight years ago, the foundation of Dynamite News was laid with the sole aim of highlighting the truth and only truth. The success achieved by Dynamite News in these eight years can be gauged by the fact that today is celebrated as 'Dynamite News Day' across the country. 

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Cabinet Minister launched mobile app

During the last eight years, Dynamite News--English and Hindi--has been continuously moving ahead on its editorial policy of credibility, impartiality and  responsibility. It is the result of our hard work, solid and transparent editorial policy and love of readers that Dynamite News has become the most reliable, popular and leading national news portal of the country in just eight years.

Trust of millions of readers
We are glad that Dynamite News is today ranked among the top Media Houses of the country. For this, we are thankful to millions of our readers and well-wishers whose trust has helped in establishing Dynamite News as a leading media organization.

Dynamite News achievements
The list of achievements of Dynamite News in a short time is quite extensive. Here are some selected achievements. Dynamite News is listed under the Central Bureau of Communications (formerly DAVP) under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. Along with this, it is listed in the Information and Public Relations Department of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi Government. Besides, Dynamite News is also empanelled to cover the Parliament House.

Secretary to the President of India and IAS toppers of different years at UPSC Conclave

The news is true because the thinking is good
The basic 'mantra' of Dynamite News is “The news is true, because the thinking is good”. With the aim of giving a new dimension to the journalism and media of the country with this mantra, 8 years ago, on 16th October 2015, the foundation of Dynamite News was laid from the India International Centre, New Delhi.

Dynamite News across the country
The flame of Dynamite News, which was lit from a small place in Karol Bagh area of New Delhi for publishing innovative and public-related news apart from traditional news, has today spread over many states in the country. 

English and Hindi language
We must now tell our readers that Dynamite News originated as an English language news portal. Taking a cue from massive popularity of English portal and on huge demand for Hindi portal, Dynamite News further expanded in Hindi language on 9 February 2017.

Strong Editorial Team
Any media organization can progress only when it has a diligent, hard-working and experienced editorial team behind it, which does not compromise with the impartiality of news under any circumstances. Our editorial team is led by Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, founder of Dynamite News and senior accredited journalist of the country. Manoj has 23 years of experience working in the field of print, broadcast and digital media. Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, Editor-in-Chief, Dynamite News has worked as an anchor and senior correspondent in Doordarshan News, New Delhi for more than a decade. Manoj has also worked for India Today and The Indian Express group.

UPSC aspirants at 'Dynamite News UPSC Conclave'

Dynamite News UPSC Conclave
Dynamite News also organizes 'Dynamite News UPSC Conclave' every year. This is one of the major social programmes undertaken by Dynamite News. In this Conclave, young aspirants from different states of the country participate for guidance for cracking the civil services examination. Participation in the Conclave is open to all without any obligation. The Chief Guest of the last Conclave was Sanjay Kothari, Secretary to the then President of India and senior IAS. Besides, IAS toppers of different years Ira Singhal, Nandini KR, Anu Kumari, Ankit Agrawal, Amitabh Yash, Renu Kumari were also there as key speakers in the programme.

Strong presence of Dynamite News on every Social Media platform

Strong presence on social media
In this era of social media, Dynamite News is present with great strength on every platform. Our credibility can also be gauged from the fact that all the accounts of Dynamite News like X, Facebook, YouTube, Koo, Telegram etc. are verified. Eminent personalities follow Dynamite News on X. More than one crore readers read our news every month in the country and the world.

Khesari Lal: Brand Ambassador of Dynamite News

Khesari Lal: Brand Ambassador
Bhojpuri film superstar Khesari Lal became the brand ambassador of Dynamite News last year. Khesari Lal accepted to be the brand ambassador of Dynamite News considering its credibility, popularity, impartiality, love of countless readers. The biggest thing is that as an artist, Khesari Lal became the brand ambassador of Dynamite News without any obligation.

Journey of Dynamite News continues unabatedly
The full credit for the excellence and success of Dynamite News Group goes to the countless readers in the country and abroad who have been associated with us for the last 8 years. The trust that millions of readers and well-wishers have placed in Dynamite News is our biggest inspiration. The golden journey of Dynamite News will continue unabatedly for ever and ever.  



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