Exam in hybrid mode, more test centres, moderate difficulty level for stress-free CUET-UG: UGC chief

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More test centres, examination in hybrid mode, timely availability of admit cards, scheduling breaks between exams held on the same day and moderate difficulty level in tests. Read further on Dynamite News:

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New Delhi: More test centres, examination in hybrid mode, timely availability of admit cards, scheduling breaks between exams held on the same day and moderate difficulty level in tests are among the initiatives outlined by the University Grants Commission to ensure smooth and hassle-free CUET-UG.

Speaking to ANI, UGC chief M Jagadesh Kumar on Wednesday said National Testing Agency, responsible for conducting the CUET, will announce the cities where students have to write the test a week before the test date.

Since this time, NTA is conducting CUET-UG in hybrid mode, we will have more centres in cities, and students will get the centres of their choice. For security reasons, students can download admit cards a few days before the test," he said.

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These steps aim to enhance accessibility, reduce logistical challenges, and improve the overall testing experience for candidates.

Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduate (CUET UG) 2024 will be conducted between May 15 and May 31, 2024. This is the third edition of CUET UG and comes at the time of the Lok Sabha elections.

The date sheet of the CUET UG 2024 will be released after the registration process is completed on March 26, the UGC Chairman said.

Earlier, Jagadesh said, "There will be no change in the schedule of the entrance exam view of the Lok Sabha elections."

Speaking to ANI, UGC chief M Jagadesh Kumar said "This year instead of attempting 10 papers, students will be permitted to write a maximum of six papers."

"The rationale behind this decision is that only a tiny percentage of students have opted for ten papers in the last year's test. However, the scheduling of papers becomes very complex, leading to conducting the test over several days," Kumar said.

The UGC further said, "Breaks will be ensured between exams held on the same day to reduce stress."

"Gap will provide students a mental and physical break, allowing them to transition between subjects and reduce stress," he said.

To reduce students' reliance on coaching centres, the UGC chief said the difficulty level of tests would be kept moderate.

"We want to keep the difficulty level of questions in CUET-UG moderate because students are more likely to perceive it as a fair and manageable challenge. 

Answering such reasonable difficulty level questions can improve students' intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy, as they believe in their ability to prepare for and perform well on the test without undue external help.

This positive feeling experienced by the students diffuses from one batch to another and reduces their dependency on coaching," he said.

Several measures have also been planned to prevent cheating during the CUET including rigorous identity verification processes, including photo identification and biometric scans to prevent impersonation.

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"Seating will be arranged in a way that minimizes communication between students. 

A sufficient number of invigilators will be assigned to monitor the entire examination hall. While Random spot checks will be conducted during the exam," the UGC chief added.

"We also analyze the answers and patterns to identify any unusual trends or similarities among answers that may indicate cheating and take appropriate steps," he said

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