Here's 5 make-up tips and tricks to make you shine this Lohri!

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Lohri, which is one of the most popular festivals of Punjab and primarily celebrated by the Sikh community, is all about spending time with loved ones and eating popcorns, rewari and peanuts. Amid these, not looking your best is certainly out of option, and if you are somebody who loves the picture-perfect look or jaw-dropping Instagram posts, here are 5 makeup tips and tricks to make you shine during the festival.

Add some glitter:

Golden highlighters can do the talking! Highlight your cheekbones, and add on some golden glitters for eyeshadow. A nude coloured lipstick will help you carry a glamorous yet subtle look for the celebration.

Opt for darker shades:

As you bid-adieu to the bone-chilling winters, throw on some darker shades for your eyeshadow. Be it brown, or blush-pink, adding some colours will accentuate the beauty of your eyes. Applying lots of kajal and eye-liner with a pinch of black eye shadow will also add as a boon to enhance the perfect shape to your eyes.

Try deep-toned lips:

When in doubt, go red. As red is the perfect colour to go for when you need to keep it classy and alluring at the same time. Deep red-toned lips along with lighter shades of foundation. Red lips pair perfectly with a strong brow and subtle contouring for a polished look.

Experiment with smokey eyes:

A new trend which is all over the internet is the smokey eye look. You can try this look for not just Lohri but any festival party or get together. All you need is a dark shaded eyeshadow and kajal. For this look, one needs to apply a mid-tone shadow all over the lid after and then line the eyes with the kajal and smudge it across the corners. This look is perfect to be carried along with nude coloured lipstick.

Bold winged eyeliner:

The winged eyeliner look is famous because it can be adapted to flatter different eye shapes. If you have smaller eyes, accentuate them by draw a thinner line. And those with almond eyes, they can enhance the shape of the eyes by lining them thicker towards the outer corner. This look has been nailed by famous celebrities and divas and can intensify your festive look.

Proper skincare:

Makeup is an art that enhances the beauty of your face. However, without taking proper care of your skin and health one cannot nail a perfect makeup look. One can use different readily available household or rather kitchen items like honey which is naturally antibacterial and great for acne treatment and its an anti-ageing agent as well. Curd and lemon have skin brightening properties and its best to try face packs made of such ingredients can help lighten your face for the special Lohri look. (ANI)

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