Hyundai Motor unveils Avante N with '280 HP like a sports car'

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Hyundai Motor's high-performance brand N unveiled Korea's first high-performance sedan model.

Avante N
Avante N

Seoul: Hyundai Motor's high-performance brand N unveiled Korea's first high-performance sedan model. Hyundai Motor's high-performance brand N unveiled 'Avante N' and its Digital World Premier video for the first time online on July 14.

Avante N is the high-performance model of the all-new Avante, which was released in April last year. Avante N is equipped with a 2.0T flat power engine and eight-speed N Wet DCT (Double-clutch) with a maximum power output of 280 HP(ps) and maximum torque of 40 kgf.m. N Grin Shift (NGS) can temporarily improve power output up to 290 HP.

The maximum speed is 250km/h, and it is the highest level among the N line-ups. It can reach 100km/h from a standstill in just 5.3 seconds. Hyundai Motor explained that it applied IDA (Integrated Drive Axle) to Avante N for the first time among N series, reduced weight by 1.73 kg per unit by reducing the number of parts by integrating wheel joints and hubs and improved vehicle handling performance.

It applied a dual compound insulator to the front wheel suspension for the first time for Hyundai Motor's cars to secure agile handling and driving comfort. It is also equipped with Rack-mounted Motor Driven Power Steering (R-MDPS). N sound equalizer is equipped with an equalizer function that can adjust in detail by sound range as well as TCR racing car sound to add joy to driving.

In addition, Hyundai Motor reduced the N Grin Shift (NGS) reactivation time to 40 seconds. Avante N also can store two customized driving modes selected by the driver in seven categories including engine, steering, suspension, and exhaust sound, and match them to two N buttons mounted on the steering wheel. Through the cluster (instrument panel), the driver can check the high-performance specialized information such as cooling water temperature, torque, and turbo pressure.

It is also equipped with a 'lap timer' that measures the time taken to run a race track and an 'N track map' that records the driver's position and movement on the circuit. With the Avente N, Hyundai Motor released the 'Hyundai N Application', which can be viewed Avante N's high-performance infotainment functions easily on users' personal smartphones, and provides analysis functions based on RPM (revolutions per minute), output (torque), and lap time.

The premier video released on this day showed the story of a boy who dreamed with the car and about 40 performance improvements applied to Avante N. Also, the video implied participation in an endurance race with its electric racing car that combines a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) and a battery electric vehicle(BEV).

The price of Avante N (3.5 per cent of special consumption tax) is 32.12 million won for MT specs and 33.99 million won for DCT specs.(PTI)

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