Shakira's tongue wiggle goes viral, see the video!

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Hollywood sensational singer Shakira's tongue wiggle goes viral. The video is breaking the internet.


Florida: Hollywood sensational singer  Shakira wiggled her tongue and emitted a high-pitched warble during her half-time performance at the Super Bowl in Miami on Sunday. 

Her wiggled tongue goes viral just after the performance and got hilarious endless memes.

Meanwhile, one of her fans comes up with the meaning of the Shakira's tongue wiggle.

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According to her, “Shakira wasn’t just being funny with the 'tongue thing.' what she did is called a zaghrouta, an Arabic tradition used to express joy, excitement, celebration. Typically heard at weddings. FYI, she’s part Lebanese,” a fan explained.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez 

However, the performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez stunned everyone and gave the sexiest item number of the event. 

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