Yuva Halla Bol demands NRU, National Register of Unemployed

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Yuva Halla Bol has demanded a National Register of Unemployed (NRU) from Modi Govt. Addressing a press conference in Delhi's Mayur Vihar, movement leaders also stated 6 main expectations of unemployed youth from the upcoming union budget. Dynamite News exclusive:

Team Yuva Halla Bol during the press conference
Team Yuva Halla Bol during the press conference

New Delhi: Yuva Halla Bol, a national campaign against unemployment, has demanded a National Register of Unemployed (NRU) from Modi Govt. Addressing a press conference in Delhi's Mayur Vihar, movement leaders also stated 6 main expectations of unemployed youth from the upcoming union budget.

Anupam, who leads Yuva Halla Bol, said that NRU is the need of the hour. If the Govt is really concerned to tackle the crisis of unemployment, then NRU can be the first step in this direction. At a time when we are experiencing massive job-loss, unprecedented unemployment rate breaking 45-year record and 3 unemployed committing suicide every 2 hours, it becomes utmost important for the Govt to have exact figures.

On the day when we were being shown tableaux of various states on republic day, we came across an actual-real tableaux in the form of news items depicting state of affairs that 3.64 crore jobs were list in 5 years in the 7 main sectors! The Govt which came to power on a promise of providing 2 crore jobs annually, has actually taken away more jobs let alone creating any employment opportunities.

Through NRU, a national register of unemployed can be prepared based on the geographical and educational eligibility of job aspiring Indian youth so that targeted policies can be made to address the problem.

Glipms of Press Conference 

Addressing media persons couple of days before the union budget, Yuva Halla Bol launched a webpage for NRU and appealed unemployed youth to register. Anupam said that if Modi Govt doesn't announce NRU then Yuva Halla Bol will take this responsibility on itself and will organise camps to prepare the register of unemployed.

Govind Mishra, National Coordinator of the campaign told the press that when country was busy in arguments over NRC, Yuva Halla Bol came up with the idea of NRU. After that, Swaraj India president Mr Yogendra Yadav strongly supported the idea and later Congress Party also demanded the same. The widespread excitement and receptivity for the idea of NRU has prompted Yuva Halla Bol to take this demand to its logical end. 

Shweta Dhull, core member of Yuva Halla Bol national team, has demanded that chronic unemployment in country be declared a national calamity by the Govt. She reminded that exactly an year before i.e. 27th Jan, 2019 during the youth summit when Yuva Halla Bol put forth this demand, NSSO survey wasn't disclosed. Today, every data and credible survey agencies show that unemployment has grown to the proportion of a crisis.

Govind Mishra told that NRU webpage started by Yuva Halla Bol will also be taken in the form of pamphlets to the youth. If needed, the unemployment data obtained from this campaign (of those who will be registered with this) shall be shared with Govt as well. Moreover, some private agencies and companies shall also be coordinated with this campaign so that wherever possible job-aspiring youth can be facilitated for employment opportunities.

Anupam told that if Govt shows any willpower in fighting unemployment, Yuva Halla Bol will help in best possible ways in the larger interest of country's youth. But unfortunately, Govt doesn't seem to be any bit serious for tackling this national calamity. Its ironical that Govt doesnt acknowledge unemployment as an issue at all let alone tackling this major problem! So, in such times, NRU Campaign might prove to be an eye opener for the Govt. 

Members of Yuva Halla Bol

Alongwith a demand for NRU, Anupam has voiced other demands of youth from the upcoming Union Budget 2020.

1. Govt announce NRU and prepare a register of unemployed within next 3 months.

2. The Govt must report the data of vacant posts and its policies to fill them. 

3. To adopt "Model exam code" so that every recruitment process be completed within 9 months.

4. To report the data of employment generated through various policies of the Govt.

5. Unemployment be declared a national disaster and govt must declare it's policies for creating opportunities in each sector. 

6. Govt to announce that a law of "Right to employment" for every youth will be bought.

While voicing expectations of youth from upcoming budget, Anupam told that Govt must disclose the vacant posts in each budget and its policies to fill those in time bound manner. Anupam welcomed the order notified by the Department of Personnel & Training for filling up of vacant posts through UPSC & SSC and to report it on the 5th of every month.

While showing a copy of the "Model exam code" to media persons, Govind Mishra demanded that Govt propose this code in the budget so that each Govt recruitment can be completed in maximum 9 months. Yuva Halla Bol has given a slogan of,  "Model Code Lagu karo, 9 Maheene mein naukri do" for this.

Also, Govind questioned that how many Job/Employment were created through schemes like Make In India, Start Up India, Stand Up India and Smart cities which were launched with much fanfare. Since all these schemes were launched with much hue and cry that it will create employement ! But Country till now doesn't know what unemployed actually got after spending thousands of crores on such schemes.

Alongwith demanding that Unemployment must be announced national disaster,  Shweta Dhull, asked the Govt to announce a "Right to employement " for the unemployed youth from the coming budget session. Alongwith it, Govt must tell the nation regarding how much jobs in which sectors will be created by the govt in next financial year.

Anupam said that if budget 2020 does not fulfill the expectations of the youth, then Yuva Halla Bol will start a Nation wide campaign to form NRU and will take this campaign against unemployment to the next level. Alongwith it, Anupam said that if Govt doesn't announce "Right to Employment" bill then Yuva Halla Bol Team will take it upon itself to draft a bill for Right to Employment and campaign throughout the country to make it into a law.

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