DN Exclusive: Bhojpuri Film Megastar Khesari Lal unfolds his life to Manoj Tibrewal Aakash in ‘Ek Mulaqaat’

Manoj Tibrewal Aakash

This time our Esteemed Guest on the country's popular talk show 'Ek Mulaqaat' is Bhojpuri Film Megastar Khesari Lal Yadav. In this exclusive interview hosted by senior journalist Manoj Tibrewal Aakash, Khesari Lal openly expressed his opinion on many issues including his life. Here are the important excerpts of this explosive interview of Khesari Lal. Read further on Dynamite News:

New Delhi: The country’s popular talk show 'Ek Mulaqaat', this time presents Bhojpuri Film Industry Superstar Khesari Lal in open interview with senior journalist Manoj Tibrewal Aakash. 

During conversation Khesari Lal shared many things about his personal and professional film life for the first time. He also talked openly about his relationships with actress Akshara Singh, actor Pawan Singh and other stars.

Bhojpuri cinema's biggest star, actor, singer and model Khesari Lal also talked about his upcoming films and revealed his future plans in this interview with the Editor-in-Chief of Dynamite News.

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Khesari Lal was born on 15 March 1986 in Chhapra district in Bihar. Being born in a poor family did not deter Khesari Lal to create his own unique place in the country and become extremely successful Star overcoming all struggles and challenges. 

Khesari Lal entered the field of singing in 2000 and in films as an actor in 2011.

Khesari Lal  has made a record of doing more than 100 films in a short time and singing more than 5000 songs. Besides Bhojpuri he has also done films in Hindi, Awadhi and Haryanvi languages

The film 'Saajan Chale Sasural' released in 2012 made Khesari Lal a Megastar of Bhojpuri films overnight. He never looked back since then. 

Khesari has become a role model for lakhs of youth of the country in terms of fitness. Crores of youth in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand are crazy about him. 

His father's name is Mangru Lal. Very few people know that Khesari's real name is Shatrughan Kumar. He considers his wife Chanda Devi as his lucky charm. They have a son and a daughter. 

Khesari has struggled a lot during his early days of poverty. He sold Litti-Chokha too on a cart with his family in Okhla area of Delhi, but he never let his dreams die. His Launda dance is very popular across the country. 

Let’s talk today to Khesari in detail about his struggles, success and future plans.

Khesari, a hearty welcome to a very popular talk show 'Ek Mulaqat' on Dynamite News

Question: Your real name is Shatrughan Kumar, then how did you become Khesari?

Answer: Shatrughan was there when I was in the village. When I started hanging out with Beas people, when I started speaking too much, people named me Khesari. And after coming into the field of singing, when I was searching for my identity, then I felt that now I should be known as Khesari. Since then I am in front of the world as Khesari Lal.

Question: Tell us something about your family, who is in your family? 

Answer: There is mother, there is father, there is uncle. Uncle has three sons. We are four brothers. We are seven brothers in total. All the other brothers have wives. There are nephews and nieces. Overall we have a family of 40-45 people.

Question: You touched the peak of popularity but never forgot your family and past?

Answer: I wanted to come to this place not to forget my family but to carry the whole world with me. And when I can carry the whole world, then why can't I carry my family, all 45 members with me. 

If I forget the place from where I have risen, there is no meaning of my living. I struggled so much only for them. If they do not remain with me in joy today then this joy is meaningless. That's why I try to take the whole family along.

Question: Our research team has found that your early life was quite full of struggles. Tell our audience in detail about your days of struggle.

Answer: See, without struggle there is no success. When you earn even two paisa by hard work, then it has some meaning. But I think my poverty is my real strength. I had a lot to do. I had neither a car, nor a horse, nor clothes, nor food. There was nothing. There was life on the road. I had to build a road for myself also.

Therfore I built a house for myself. A car was needed as well as food and drink. Poverty only made me strong. Had there been no poverty, this energy would not have come inside me. It was from that poverty that I took inspiration and took myself to this point. 

I sold litti and milk at many places. I also worked as a servant in people's homes. A lot of things happened. Then I felt that life is not so easy and what is easy is not life. The one who overcomes difficulties and hardships is a real man.

Question:  So how did your life take a U-turn?

Answer: U-turn did not come by itself. I kept working. I didn't work to become something. I kept working. I didn't even know the ways. There was only a desire to work. People kept meeting. The caravan continued to grow. Earlier I was alone... then people went on joining me. And a day has come when mass of people is my own. Now I respect that crowd and get their love.

Question: How is your relationship with your fellow artists? 

Answer: I have good relations with all my fellow artists. But as a professional artist I am always in competition with all of them. But personally relations have never been bad with anyone. I am very fond of all of them..

Question: There was some controversy between you and Pawan Singh but now it is heard that everything is fine. Where was the missunderstanding?

Answer: That was childish. That was not maturity. The man kept saying something. But today I understand things. Pawan Singh is elder brother. Sometimes what I said would resonate with him and sometimes what he would say would resonate with me resulting in unnecessary gossip. But now everything is fine between us.  

Question: And how is your professional relationship with Akshara Singh?  

Answer: Akshara Singh is the best actress of our industry. She is a very lovely actress. He gave a lot to Bhojpuri. He also has a contribution in my life. She is Mary Sr. She was already in the cinema and I came later. He also told me about the things that Mary was missing. We later became better friends of each other. Also worked together. Today they are very happy in their life. I am very happy in my life.

Question: Who do you consider your role model?

Answer: Everyone in this industry is a role model. Everyone is doing good work. I have learnt something from everyone and everyone has taught me something. Be it Manoj Bhaiya, Dinesh Bhaiya, Raviji or Pawan Bhaiya. I got to learn from everyone. I consider myself lucky in this matter. 

Question: You just quoted four names of Manoj, Dinesh, Ravi and Pawan. Are you also planning to go into politics like them?

Answer: I have no intention of going into politics right now. I want to remain an artist. Artists belong to everyone, every language, every religion, every region, every caste. 

But after becoming a leader you belong to a particular area. If an MP or MLA is from a place, then he will develop that place only. But I feel that I am working for Bhojpuri society and language. 

Right now four brothers are in politics. They should do something. We will follow them and see what happens next. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. We are trying to work on what is happening today and make it better.

Question: Which names do you have in mind who can be the shining stars of Bhojpuri cinema in the coming times?

Answer: There are many such people. But how far they go depends on how hard they work. The more people join Bhojpuri showbiz, the bigger Bhojpuri films will become.

Question: Bhojpuri is a wide-spoken but it has not yet been included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution? What do you think may be the resean for it? 

Answer: An artist can sing songs in his language. Can make movies. Can present the language. But to or not to include Bhojpuri in 8th Schedule is the Government's outlook. I think our brothers should raise this issue in Parliament. We can only try to promote our language by giving it better treatment through sound and cinema.

Question: Questions are often raised on the content of Bhojpuri films. Producers and directors are accused of forgetting the great heritage and culture of Bhojpuri. What do you have to say on this?

Answer: I think a big reason for this is migration from Bihar, UP and other places including Jharkhand. This is not only migration of people but also migration of our language. As a result, the real Bhojpuri culture is forgotten especially by younger generation.

Question: As Salman Khan gives opportunities to new heroines in films, you also give opportunities to new heroines in films...

Answer: I do this so that Bhojpuri film industry grows. The more people come here, the more artists will be there. Today in Bhojpuri showbiz there are artists not only from Bihar and UP but also from Bengal, Gujarat and even from Nepal. 

Question: What are the projects you are working on right now? Which of your films are going to be released in the coming days?

Answer: Right now my film which is releasing is 'Rishte Hain'. 'Rang De Basanti' was released recently on a big level in 263 cinema halls. I have 4-5 more films to be released. The film 'Raja Ram' is also there. 

Question: You discussed your new film 'Raja Ram'. You are a devotee of Lord Ram. Tell the audience something about this film.

Answer: The film 'Raja Ram' is not based on Lord Ram but on an artist. An artist who plays the role of Ram and people start considering him as Ram. Due to this his life becomes very strange. This is the story of Arun Govil ji's life. People fall in love with a character so much and the artist is unable to understand it. People have not seen God but people see God inside the artist. 

Question: Any plans of doing Bollywood Hindi films?

Answer: There is no such plan right now. We are trying to make Bhojpuri industry so big that we also become rich like South stars. People should fall in love with our language.

Question: You have done many films. But in your opinion which are your one or two most successful films till now?

Answer: I have done many such films, which I think are better. My first film 'Saajan Chale Sasural' was a big hit. 'Dil Le Gayi Odhnaiya' was also excellent. There are countless such films.

Question: And if we talk about your songs?

Answer: The songs also try to promote our language and culture. But I would like to say one thing that as every tree does not bears fruit, so every song does not become a craze.

Question: If a youth sitting in the village wants to connect with you, how can he do it? Do you have any platform on social media?

Answer: Absolutely. Recently a girl has become a hit on my song. I really liked her dance. I talked to that girl today. If you are doing well, someone will definitely notice you. 

Question: Social media has become a big power. People from villages and many areas who have the power to do something, make small videos. They put them on social media and become a hit. What would you like to say to such youth and children?

Answer: Look, you cannot conquer the world with a 'life' of 30 seconds. If you want to rule the world, you will have to work for 30 hours. Someone can show his talent for 30 seconds in reel but life is not of 30 seconds. Life is something beyond 30 seconds. Only the one who dreams while awake is successful. 

Question: Your demand increases a lot during elections. You campaign for candidates of all political parties from time to time. Tell us something about this experience.

Answer: I am independent. All are my own. I have relations with people. That is why whenever my people tell me to come, I am always ready for them. I go and do their work even at night. I am an independent person. People call me as an artist An artist belongs to neither any religion, nor any caste, nor any party.

Question: You mentioned the name of Akhilesh Yadav. He also wished you on your birthday on social media. What kind of relations do you have with Akhilesh ji?

Answer: This is his love for his younger brother. I always respect his love in my heart. Whenever I met Akhilesh bhaiya, he never let me feel that I am his younger brother. I have met very few people who love an artist so much. 

Whenever I went to him, he bent down and lifted me up. It seems that he is my Ram and I am his Laxman. When you get the love of Laxman, you definitely become Ram. If you get Ram, you become Laxman. 

I have always got positive energy from Akhilesh bhaiya. He never let me feel that I am from Bihar... that I am Khesari. He made me feel that he was my elder brother and I was his younger brother.



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