EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton will win US Prez election, predicted Indian Astrologer Shanker Charan Tripathi 16 years ago

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New Delhi/ 19 October 2016. 

Namaskar, I am Manoj Tibrewal Aakash. Welcome to the special programme: Ek Mulaqat.

Today in this programme our special guest is a renowned Indian Astrologer Dr. Shanker Charan Tripathi. Before detail interview let’s have a look at his profile.


Born on 24th July 1957 in Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Tripathi has dedicated his entire life to the social service. 

Without even consulting one’s horoscope and only by listening to his voice, the ‘Nakshatra Gatanveshi’ Dr. Tripathi with his cosmic powers can predict the past, present and future of the person concerned.

Though he is in the government service, he has brought happiness and joy into innumerable poor lives in society. And Dr.Tripathi doesn’t take a penny for his predictions. 

Who would be the President of India? Who would be the India’s Prime Minister and who would be the next Chief Minister of UP are some of the predictions, which Dr. Tripathi had forecast right from time to time. 

About two decades ago, Dr Tripathi predicted that America would be attacked from the sky and the world has witnessed the 9/11 (2001) attack on America.

Nowadays Dr. Tripathi is in the news all around the world for his special prediction.

About sixteen years ago, Dr. Tripathi had announced in his book ‘Clinton’s “Y”: Past, Present & Future’ that one day Hillary Clinton would be the President of America. Now this prediction is perhaps nearing to be true! 


Today in Ek Mulaqat we are going to talk to Dr. Tripathi about his prediction and allied issues. 


Manoj Tibrewal Aakash (MTA): Dr Tripathi, welcome to Dynamite News’s talk show Ek Mulaqat. First of all I want to ask you how and when the idea of writing a book on America’s President came to your mind ?

Dr. Shanker Charan Tripathi (SCT): It was sometimes in January 1997 when I saw on TV that the then President of America Bill Clinton was passing through difficult times regarding his impeachment over his alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky. This news was the hottest talk around the world. 

During the process of his impeachment in the Senate, Clinton denied any kind of relationship with Monica Lewinsky or anybody. He said, “I deny”. 

I heard his two words, “I deny”, which came out of his heart and decided to analyse and study his voice through these two words. I found out that Clinton is a man of Leo having the highest position of Sun in Aries and also the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in horoscope that crowned him as the President of America.

On this basis I observed astrologically that Clinton is innocent and is being unnecessarily dragged into it. 

Then in February 2001, I was called by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in connection with the natural calamities wreaking the country.

At that time I presented ‘Clinton’s “Y”’ to him for his autograph. While signing the book he emphatically asked me whether Bill Clinton would be impeached in Senate and my reply was ‘No’. 

I explained to him that according to the cosmic study and the magnetic spectrum of Leo, it has seven rays i.e. the seven horses and Clinton is riding on all seven horses. 

One horse might be killed, maybe two or even three but Clinton will never walk bare-footed and shall complete his Presidential term. It is proved through astrological calculation that his impeachment process will be futile.


MTA: Dr. Tripathi in your book ‘Clinton’s “Y”’ on page 61, you have written 16 years ago that Clinton’s wife Hillary will one day fight the Presidential election and not only win but shall create history in American Constitution. 

Now when I am interviewing you in September 2016 (After sixteen years of your prediction), half of your prediction has come true as Hillary is in the election foray as a Democrat Presidential candidate.   

So will Hillary win the election and become the President of America this year?


SCT: Truth is inevitable and complete. It was evident when Hillary was a house wife that she will not remain a mere house wife.  

There are six predictions about her: 

First: You shall fight.
Second: You shall become the Senator.
Third: You shall fight the election of the President.
Fourth: You shall not only win but create history.
Fifth: You shall create history by becoming the first lady President of America
Sixth: You shall be the queen of not only American people but of the universe.


MTA: People of America are supporting Donald Trump on a large scale. That means Donald is giving a strong challenge to Hillary? Can you tell something about Donald Trump?

SCT: Donald Trump is a lion while Hillary is a lioness. But in astrological calculations of their horoscopes Donald has turned into a lioness and Hilary into a lion. 

Trump is Leo and Hillary is Gemini. Hillary has the highest exalted Venus position which is placement of Venus in Pisces. And it will crown success to her.  

But this high exalted position of Venus is missing in Donald horoscope. Though Donald is Leo and a great warrior, best fighter, big businessman but lacks this exalted placement of Venus in the highest exalted position, as Hillary has. 

All the efforts of Donald Trump and his managers will be futile in selection. Finally he will face crushing defeat and Hillary Clinton will win with over 1 lakh votes.

 When Dynamite News interviewed you earlier in 2015, at that time also you said that Hillary Clinton would be the President of America. People have already seen her performance as US Secretary of State. Now, if she wins, the question arises as to how she would perform as the US President?  

SCT: Though she has not yet been crowned as the President, but that she will become and create history. The most important phase during her tenure as President would be that the void between Muslim countries and America would be minimized.

The so called fear of America and insecurity among the Muslim community will disappear and they all will feel proud of Hillary’s regime. That would be the biggest achievement of Hillary. 


MTA: Nowadays all the countries are quite distraught about the possibility of a World War. Do you see anything like World War III during Hillary’s regime? And could there be any chance of nuclear weapons to be used in the war? 

SCT: It’s a big question. Yes during Hillary’s regime the world will witness another World War with use of atomic weapons from water surface. Even India will not be completely safe due to the high pollution of environment.


MTA: So here on dynamitenews.com you are predicting that there will be a World War III from water surface during the tenure of Hilary Clinton as President? 

SCT: Yes definitely. There will be a World War during the first four years of Hilary’s regime. Countries like Japan, China and Russia will use so powerful naval ships that the whole world will be stunned. China has got the war headed nuclear headed latest missile technology that will be launched from water surface.


MTA: In your book Clinton’s Y, you have predicted that there will be an attack on America from the sky and we all witnessed the 9/11 attack. So now you are predicting that there will be another World War during Hilary’s regime. Can you tell me about the effects of this world war?

SCT: You have asked an important question. There is room no 702 in the White House. Beside it there is room no. 701 and then there is 600 room series. There will be a hole in the roof and America will be alerted. But they will never come to know what actually happened.

In all 17 atomic weapons have already reached in the hands of extremists and they have taken a vow to reduce the White House to dust. Hilary Clinton will be quite cautious and would try to deal with extremists. She would offer a hand of friendship to the extremists and thus save the whole humanity from destruction. That will be the biggest victory for Hilary.  

Besides they are claiming that Laden is dead. In 2004 also US President said Laden has been killed and at that time we had published in the Times and Pioneer that Laden had not been killed, was still in America and will resurface in 2011 and he did come out in 2011 and you have seen all that he was killed the same year during Obama’s regime. Is Laden really dead? Is his body really thrown into the ocean?

All this is a Myth. He is running ISIS. He will pierce the White House one day. So there will be a hole in the roof of White house by water missile and there will be World War III. 

For the first time China and America will try to come together. But China will stand with Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and Iraq. Iran, along with other Muslim countries, Japan and India will come with America. 

America will get support of 4 countries including India. As the aura of India is the highest among other countries in the world due to its favorable astronomical position, the block supported by India will win.


MTA: You have just talked about Osama bin Laden. So do you mean Laden is still alive?

SCT: Is Mahatma Gandhi still alive? Yes. He is alive in every note of Indian currency. His ideologies are still alive. His soul is still alive. 
Just like Obama has vowed to destroy extremists completely, Laden has also vowed to take extremism to a great height and establish it is as an edict by Allah (God). 


MTA: What about the relationship between India and America during Hilary’s regime?

SCT: Marvellous, because both Clintons are Indian. In their previous birth they were born in India. Therefore they have a permanent address in Rajasthan. This has already been discussed in my book ‘Clinton’s Y’. So the relationship between India and America has been there from ancient times. 


MTA: What will be America’s strategy towards Pakistan from the view point of India?

SCT: Pakistan is the son of India. Extremism and negative energy are the two tools of Pakistan. America seems to be helping Pakistan just to maintain peace and tranquility in the region. But this is a wrong fact.

Many Indian people, Indian leaders and even the previous Indian Prime Ministers thought that America is tilting towards Pakistan and protecting its policies and internally supporting extremism. But it is wrong. America will always prove to be the best friend of India. 


MTA: Dr. Tripathi how do you see America and Immortality together?

SCT: You have put a series of questions but it’s a big question. At present there are 10 immortal people including Hanuman, Vibheeshan, Kripacharya, Aswathama, John of Arc, Bali, Vyaas, Tara, Mandodari and Aalha. 

Among them Bali used to be the king of Patal Lok which consists of America also. So, on the basis of such mythological occurrences the relationship of immortality between America and India had been there since ages.

Now the immortal herb Sanjeevani is available either in India or in America. But neither of them is trying to find it out due to some ego issues. 

If the two countries work together in the field of medicine with reference to Sanjeevani, they can achieve the longevity up to 120 years for every person. 


Thank you Dr. Tripathi for your precious time to Dynamite News for Ek Mulaqat.


Dr. Shankar Charan Tripathi, the Nostradamus of India, talked about the book ‘Clinton’s 'Y’' which he had written 16 years back. 

If his prediction as mentioned in the book comes to be true and Hilary Clinton becomes the next President of America, it will be a proud moment not only for Dr. Tripathi but for whole of India. 

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