Dynamite News UPSC Conclave 2019: A mega event with three woman-IAS toppers at one platform

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Dynamite News UPSC Conclave 2019 was successfully organized in the national capital on Sunday. A large number of young men and women from various states reached Delhi to participate in the Conclave. Sanjay Kothari, Senior IAS and Secretary to the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind was the Chief Guest. The main attraction of the Conclave was the presence of three different years’ women IAS toppers who symbolized the women empowerment in the country. Full details:

A large number of participants in Dynamite News UPSC Conclave 2019
A large number of participants in Dynamite News UPSC Conclave 2019

New Delhi: The right choice of subjects is the base of a success in the UPSC exam, said Sanjay Kothari, Senior IAS and Secretary to the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind. He was addressing the UPSC aspirants at the Dynamite News UPSC Conclave. He added an IAS aspirant must focus only on his aim like Arjun and should never deviate from there. 

Key speakers on the dias 

The topic of the Conclave was: ‘How to crack civil services exam?’
Ira Singhal (Rank 1 in 2015), KR Nandini (Rank 1 in 2017) and Anu Kumari (Rank 2 in 2018) were present as the key speakers in the Conclave. Besides SK Roongta, Former Chairman, Steel Authority of India Limited and member of Dynamite News Board of Advisors; Renu Singh, IFS and Director, Delhi Zoo; and Editor-in-Chief of Dynamite News and Anchor of Ek Mulaqat program Manoj Tibrewal Aakash also shared their views with the UPSC aspirants. 

Sanjay Kothari, Senior IAS and Secretary to the President of India

Ira Singhal said It’s more beneficial to begin preparation for civil services after graduation only. Moreover, full command over the language of your medium is a must.

IAS topper Ira Singhal (Rank 1 in 2015)

KR Nandini said you can win over your lack of confidence by consistent hard work. Always remember that you should never lose your heart.  

IAS topper KR Nandini (Rank 1 in 2017)

While answering an aspirant Anu Kumari said too much dependence on coaching for IAS exam is not worth it. Students should focus on studies with sincerity and devotion. 

IAS topper Anu Kumari (Rank 2 in 2018)

According to SK Roongta students must concentrate on writing-practice and should also be aware of the news around the world.  

SK Roongta and (left) Manoj Tibrewal Aakash

In the view of Renu Singh there is no shortcut to success. Therefore, the only priority of the students should be just hard work and hard work only. 

Manoj Tibrewal Aakash presenting the memento to Renu Singh

It was the second edition of Dynamite News UPSC Conclave. The first edition was organized in February, 2018. 

Participants from all over India 

Youths from north to south and east to west states converged
The Conclave also saw youngsters from rural areas from various states including Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab. There were many of them who had never visited Delhi before. They came to know about the Conclave through online and came to participate in it. This shows their enthusiasm towards Dynamite News UPSC Conclave. 

Particiapants listening to the speakers 

Question-Answer session
In this event of its own kind in the capital a question-answer session followed the speakers’ address. Many aspirants asked a number of questions from the speakers. The Conclave was scheduled for two hours but due to students’ enthusiasm it continued beyond three hours.  

Rani Tibrewal presenting memento to Ira Singhal 

Memento presentation 
At the end of the event, Rani Tibrewal, Chairperson of Dynamite News expressed her thanks and gratitude for the guests. Later she presented the Dynamite News mementos to the key speakers and other distinguished guests. 

In the conclave, New Delhi YMCA IMSIT Director, Dalip McCune; Advisor to Dynamite News and former Doordarshan Newsreader Ved Prakash; Sangeet Kedia, Director of Sangeet Kedia Academy; Chairman of Parliament Press of South Asia and Editor of Doordarshan News, Dr. OP Yadav; Young Journalist Abhay Singh Vishen, Ashutosh Mishra, Govinda Mishra, Pawan Rai, Advocate Manish Raghav, Social activist Gaurav Raghuvanshi and Sanjay Kumar Fitkariwala were also present.

The Conclave was sponsored by the National Mineral Development Corporation Limited (NMDC). 

Dynamite News family members Ashutosh Agrawal, Sreeja Chowdhury, Jamimah Joseph, Gourav Fitkariwala, Nirbhik Tibrewal, Samriddhi Tibrewal, Ashok Kumar Mishra, Radha Mamgain, Shalu Sneha, Santosh Kewat, Kapil Kumar, Jugul Kishore, Jai Prakash Pathak, Mrityunjay Visharad were present in the Conclave.

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