Health Tips: Tomato can do wonders to your health

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Tomato can do wonders to your health. It is packed with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. The miraculous fruit is widely consumed in the country. Read further on Dynamite News:

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Representational Image

New Delhi: Tomato is a renowned fruit used as a multi-faceted ingredient in making chutneys, salads and various sauces. It holds vitamin C, potassium and other essential minerals as well. Surprisingly, tomato has ‘Lycopene’ as well which is also functional. 

Prevents Cancer
Tomato is flooded with antioxidants. It fights against cancer. The antioxidants aids to balance the hormones in the body. The regular consumption of tomato can expunge cancer from the body.

Declutters Fat 
Tomato declutters fat due to its less calories. It contains plenty of energy. There is no rocket science to eliminate fat from the body. Adopt exercise and eat tomato to witness health wonders.

Improves Digestion 
Tomato increases the metabolism system of the body. It pushes out the acidity and cures constipation. Tomato maintains the calories level in the body.

Makes Skin Glossier
Tomato makes the skin glossier. It is loaded with Vitamin C and lycopene which are highly beneficial for skin. Uniform use of tomato can really make the skin shiny.

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