Lifestyle: Here are some summer drinks to keep your child hydrated

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As Schools are closed due Coronavirus, children may be brimming with excitement, finding ways to make the most of their freedom, but their parents are replete with anxiety and concerned towards their safety and health in the blazing heat. However, the only thing parents can do, without irking their kids, is to prepare some healthy and fun summer drinks to keep their kiddos hydrated.

A child drinking shake

Here are some fun liquid refreshments that will not only help quench the kids' thirst but also keep them healthy.


It is an all-weather drink that aids in digestion. Thirst-quenching and totally inexpensive, this savoury drink is easy to make with ingredients - Curd, water, salt, pepper, and mint - that can be easily found at home.

kokum sharbat

Kokum or Cocum is an Indian fruit known for its tangy taste. Kokum can be consumed in the form of a juice, which can help keep the body cool during summer.

Cucumber lemon water

A fun twist to the lemon water, cucumber lemon water is a hit when it comes to hydration. Just dunk slices of cucumbers and lemon with a bit of mint in a jar of water for a detoxifying summer drink. All the ingredients work together to keep your child's body and mind cool.

Coconut water

Coconut water is extremely nutritious and refreshing, and is a popular summer drink in India, especially in the more tropical regions. The natural beverage is packed with electrolytes, essential minerals, and simple sugars, all necessary nutrients that can keep de hydration at bay during the hot months.

Aam Panna

It is a refreshing drink made of raw mangoes that is sweetened with jaggery or sugarcane juice. What makes this drink an incredible summer drink is that apart from being a digestion-friendly beverage, it is a rich source of Vitamin C and iron.


One of the most tried and tested summer drinks, lemonade (shikanji) is a rich source of Vitamin C. It is refreshing and gives instant energy.


Smoothies are an interesting variant of the plain old boring milk. They are packed with nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants to help ensure the child kick-starts its day in full vigour. Add it to breakfasts or in place of snacks during the evening. Simply, choose the kid's favourite fruit, add some yogurt and maybe some oatmeal before churning it into a slurpy mix.

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