Pakistan a terror factory, says Baloch activist Mama Qadeer Baloch

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A prominent Baloch activist who runs a campaign against missing persons in Balochistan has accused Pakistan of running a terror factory.

Mama Qadeer
Mama Qadeer

New Delhi: A prominent Baloch activist who runs a campaign against missing persons in Balochistan has accused Pakistan of running a terror factory.

"Pakistan runs factories to produce terrorists. It provides them training to use against others, including the Baloch. Pakistan forcefully occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948. Since then, the Pakistan Army and secret agencies are committing atrocities. They abduct, kill and throw mutilated bodies of Baloch on roads so they cannot speak for the freedom of Balochistan", said Mama Qadeer, the Vice Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

Mama Qadeer said Pakistan's intelligence agency has paid huge sums of money to Mullah Omar to kidnap Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian businessman from Iran.

He said, "It (Pakistan) has produced Hafiz Saeed, (Syed) Salahuddin and Mullah Omar, an Iranian Baloch, who is behind the arrest of Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav from Chabahar in Iran". Kulhushan Jadhav was doing business in Iran and he was trapped at the behest of Pakistan's ISI on charges of spying in Balochistan."

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He said, "Mullah Omar accepted the deal as Pakistan and Iran shares border and both sides of the border has Baloch population. Mullah Omar and his associates blindfolded Jadhav and brought him from Chabahar to Mashkey in Balochistan and handed over to Pakistan Army"

Mama Qadeer said Jadhav was later brought to Quetta and then to army headquarters in Islamabad where he was tortured and his statement was forcefully recorded.

He said Jadhav was having no role in spreading violence in Balochistan and anywhere in Pakistan.

Mama Qadeer questions Pakistan army's claim of Jadhav's arrest from Balochistan and call it a malicious attempt to blackmail India. He said, "In Balochistan, where the so-called CPEC is under construction, the local residents are not able to roam freely as they have to cross at least four check-posts maintained by Frontier Corps, ISI, Military Intelligence and the army. How can outsider enter into Balochistan and work freely?"

He blamed the Pakistan Army and secret agencies for the deteriorating human rights situation in Balochistan.

He said, "We have been raising our voices against missing persons in Balochistan. Pakistan's agencies (ISI, MI and FC) are behind the enforced disappearances and the killings of Baloch. They also back radicals to whom they pay money to kidnap and kill the Baloch".

He accused the Pakistan Army and its secret agencies of being the real producers of terrorists.

He said, "At present, 45,000 Baloch people are missing and we stand in their witness. In 2004, when Balochistan home minister Aftab Sherpao came to Gwadar, he declared to have kidnapped 4,000 Baloch people. This statement was on the record. In 2014-15, home secretary Akbar Durani made a statement that they have arrested 13,000 people. Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti also confessed to have abducted some 9,000 people".

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Mama Qadeer requested the government to bring the disappeared Baloch to court and prove their guilt, and added that if proved, the authorities could hang them. If not guilty, he said they should be released immediately.

"I had received immense life threats and it still continues. As soon I reach Balochistan, I may be abducted or killed. But, we will continue to fight for our rights, no matter we lost of life" said Mama Qadeer whose 35-year-old son Jalil Ahmad Rekhi was brutally killed by secret agencies in 2009. (ANI)

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