Delhi: Loud music by drivers in DTC buses tormenting passengers

Subhash Raturi

And what is more shocking that the marshals, who are there to maintain discipline, decency and dignity in the buses, are mute spectators of this nuisance by drivers. An exclusive story on Dynamite News:

Many drivers and conductors play roaring music inside the buses
Many drivers and conductors play roaring music inside the buses

New Delhi: In a number of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Cluster buses drivers and sometimes conductors too play loud music causing a huge distress and discomfort to the commuters. They play filmy songs of love and lust, raginis (rural folk songs) and even dirty jokes leaving passengers, especially female ones, massively embarrassed. 

In fact, playing such music in the presence of women commuters is also a kind of eve teasing. What is more shocking and surprising is that the marshals, who are posted in the bus to save women from eve teasing and safegurad their dignity, are mute witness to all this rubbish by these unruly drivers and conductors. 

Rather many of these marshals, it has been found, stand just beside the driver and enjoy this music. 

These drivers and marshals don't even bother for the appeals by passengers to stop this trash. Even some of the drivers start fighting with the passengers and still some of them ask the complaining passengers to get down of the bus if they couldn't relish the music! 

And here again marshals seem to take the drivers side rather than passengers. 

Besides, this music by drivers can also put the commuters life in danger as it may divert the driver's attention resulting in a severe accident.

How long have the commuters, especially female ones, to suffer from this menace? 

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