Diwali amid Corona decorate your home in this unique style

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Diwali amid COVID 19 is celebrated with unequal zeal and pleasure all around the country. The preparations started little late this year before the festival which includes spring-cleaning, white-washing of houses and decorative designs of rangolis are painted on floors to welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.


Here are the items that can enhance the beauty and charm of your home this Diwali.

Different types of Diyas

One needs to switch from traditional Diya to fragmented candles and glittery glass jar candles that enhance the beauty of a home. Fragmented decoration not only lightens the homes but add up to the aura of pooja and also adds positivity.

Pathway decore (Rangoli)

Rangolis are also an important part of Diwali celebration as the threshold is the first place that needs to be beautified. Most rangolis are made of shredded flowers. This time let's use whole flowers instead of just petals. Draw patterns on the floor along pathways and arrange flowers over them to create the ultimate flower rangoli.

Wineglass Lamps

Wineglasses can be put to other uses like decorating tables. Fill three-fourths of the glasses with water and put in some beautiful flowers so that they float submerged in the water. Now place the tea light on top so it is floating above the water. Light them up to create an ambience in the room. You can also put in crystals or white pebbles inside the glasses to make them more interesting.

Vastu items for positive energy

The Vastu based items are very good options to decorate the home this Diwali as they bring positivity.


Flowers always play significant role in every decoration so on Diwali we cant miss it.

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