DN Exclusive: Will BJP's Lotus bloom in Tamil Nadu and Kerala?

Manoj Tibrewal Aakash

BJP has not so far been able to win the fort of South India. But will BJP could make it this time as Party leaders have campaigned vigorously for 2024 elections in Tamil Nadu and Kerala? Here is Dynamite News exclusive just for you:

Will Lotus bloom in Tamil Nadu and Kerala?
Will Lotus bloom in Tamil Nadu and Kerala?

Chennai/Thiruvananthapuram: Congress has always been denouncing BJP calling it a party of North India as BJP, except in Karnataka, does not have a strong support base in any of the South states.

That's why, in 2019 Lok Sabha elections BJP's performance in Tamil Nadu and Kerala was very disappointing. 

However during 2024 Lok Sabha elections, BJP is trying to break this myth of being a North India Party.

This time the top Party leaders massively campaigned in Tamil Nadu and Kerala tirelessly.

Voting has already taken place for 39 seats in Tamil Nadu on 19 April and 20 seats in Kerala on 26 April.

But how much fruits will this vigorous campaigning in these two states bring forth, one has to wait until June 4.  

According to Dynamite News correspondent, BJP leadership toiled hard but could not perhaps grasp the ground reality.

Two reasons have clearly emerged for this: After the voting, Dynamite News tried to decipher the local ground reality. In Tamil Nadu the state unit repeatedly requested an important functionary of the BJP's central organization to conduct a program of a leader with a mass base from North India, but their demand was ignored. 

Prominent leaders of the state BJP were fielded from the seats other than the constituencies they have been nurturing for a long time. 

There is a political buzz that if BJP does not win the seats in the two states as expected, lack of coordination between the top leaders of central and state units and their arrogance will be its two main reasons.

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