Check out for solutions to sex problems among urban couples

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According to researchers, even if you do muster up a bit of energy before bed, the quality of sex might not be that satisfying as either both or one person is tired and "that moment" can be easily lost or hurried along in the bid to get to sleep.

Can you have sex other times during the day?

Is there another time that both suits you that is not before bed or first thing in the morning? This is ideal if you both work from home or shift work, but the 9-5ers will have to choose another option or get creative.

Have sleep nights

So no one feels bad for possibly rejecting each other, choose a night/s during the week where no sex is to be had. I know it might sounds boring but having some nights off can help to rekindle the spark (sometimes when it's not on tap so much you want it more). And with a few nights of solid sleep, there might be an increase in energy and overall satisfaction with sex too.

Sex not before bed

Sex at night is sometimes the best option, but right before sleep time can often lead to a lack of effort. Especially if you work and have children, sex before makeup is taken off, showers are had and teeth are brush is ideal.

Set your alarm earlier in the morning

This is still cutting in to sleep time, but can be an option for those who get too tired at night. Once again time might be limited but you can always share a shower later to extend the morning experience.

Sex only on the weekends

Again, this might be reducing sex in order to get more enjoyment out of it, but wouldn't it be better if you could get more sleep during the working week and enjoy getting more playtime on the weekends? (With ANI inputs)

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