It's a better way to beat the heat with cool planting

DN Bureau

Planting more trees around you will help in blocking the direct penetration of ultraviolet harmful rays of the sun.

Plant more pots at workplace

You can place small planst pots at the corridors, near window sill, main entrances.

Use terracotta pots better than plastic pots

Terracotta helps in healing the environment as plastic is more widely used in every possible forms.

Place plants at your dining / centre tables

It will make the environment cool and fresh. Green plants will also bright up the place.

Plants can be placed in Bathroom

One can go placing the small, easy - breezy plants in bathing room too to keep your body soothing and close to nature.

Plant small pots in your Kitchen

It will keep the aeration in kitchen cool and will kill the virus and bacteria caused due to ultraviolet radiation.

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