Kerala: Now, books come to you on bicycles during lockdown

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Are you disappointed over being unable to visit libraries or book shops during the lockdown period?

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Thiruvananthapuram: Are you disappointed over being unable to visit libraries or book shops during the lockdown period?

Don't fret, now your favourite titles will come straight to your doorstep, that too on bicycles!!

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Bicycle buffs in Kerala capital have launched an initiative to help bibliophilies by bringing their favourite books to their doorsteps.

"Books By Bicycle"is an initiative by the bicycle lovers in Thiruvananthapuram,led by the Cycle Mayor Prakash P Gopinath.

Writer Johny ML gives necessary guidance to the move, it's organisers said here.

They offer the service of delivering English and Malayalam books and children's literature at the consumers' doorsteps that too with great discounts.

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All the leading book houses including the DC Books, Mathrubhoomi Books, Poorna Books, Chintha Books, Green Books, Cost Ford, Maithri Books and Modern Books collaborate with Books by Cycle, a statement said here.

"There are so many people who could not visit book stalls, browse and buy.

You just need to let us know about the books you need," the organisers said.

The volunteers, under the initiative, provide information on latest books and books in stock through their facebook page and group and Whatsapp group *BOOKS by BICYCLE*.

The books would be delivered inside the corporation limits, with 10 per cent discount.

The payment can be made by cash, google pay or payTM, it added. (PTI)

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