Say no to negative energy with these spiritual plants

DN Bureau

For thousands of years, ancestors have been using plants not just to heal the body, but also the mind and the spirit. Below are some plants to help banish negative energies from surroundings:


A plant which aids in all rituals involving health, love and peace, lavender is worldwide famous for its fragrance but many of us don't know that lavender can dispel depression. The plant also helps in controlling our emotions and is very effective for a peaceful sleep.


It is one of the most popular plants because of its supernatural quality of healing negative energy. "Negative energy leads anyone towards depression and de-motivation. One can place this plant in a room to heal the negative energy, especially when going through an emotional or physical turmoil, "said tarot card reader and Spiritual healer, Dr Madhu Kotia.


The rosemary promotes love, friendship, long life, and happiness. Its essential oil is used to clear the conscious mind and improve memory. In Greek temples, rosemary was traditionally burned as an offering to the goddesses and gods. Rosemary oil, when burned, produces a powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, wiping the negativity.


Basil is a symbol of fertility and love because its leaves resemble hearts besides being a holy plant used for worship. The Basil works as a protector of family, and it helps to relieve negativity from the home. Basil leads the heart and conscious mind to happiness, clearing bad energy movement between the heart and the hands. (ANI)

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