Supreme Court Issues Notice To UP Govt Over A PIL Questioning Legitimacy Of UPSMF

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The Supreme Court today issued notice to the UP government and UPSMF on a PIL filed by Ajay Sharma questioning the legitimacy of UPSMF. Read on for details:

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today on a PIL filed by Ajay Sharma contesting the legitimacy and operation of UPSMF (Uttar Pradesh State Medical Faculty), issued notice to UP government and UPSMF. Senior advocate Amit Kumar and advocate on Record Manish Raghav represented the PIL petitioner before the Court.

The argument was made that a statutory body could not be established by a government notification that was issued on October 14, 2005.

The following degree-level paramedical courses may be started or offered by private institutions with the approval of UPSMF:
 1. Nursing
 2. Pharmacy 
 3. Pathology technician
 4. Radiology technician
 5. Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy 
 6. Optometry 
 7. Cardiology Technician (with pacemaker)
 8. Cytology Technician 
 9. CT/MRI Technician 
10. Audiometry Technician
11. Equipment maintenance technician 12. Hospital Administration 
13. OT Technician 
14. Dental Hygiene / Dental Technician. 

In addition to holding exams for these courses, UPSMF recognizes students who have completed paramedical and nursing programmes. Additionally, it allows institutions interested in awarding certificates and diplomas for the aforementioned courses to register. Besides, UPSFM is charging Rs.2.50 lakh to launch each course at an institution, while having no legal power to do so from PARA medical institutions. UPSFM lacks the ability to do so because it is not a legislative authority.

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