Intake of nuts can improve sexual functions: Study

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Consuming as little as 60 grams nuts a day can improve sexual functions.

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Washington D.C: Consuming as little as 60 grams nuts a day can improve sexual functions, suggests a study.

The study was published in the journal 'Nutrients'.Researchers conducted the first nutritional intervention study with healthy participants of reproductive age in order to determine if regular consumption of nuts has any effect on sexual function's and on the quality of semen.

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The prevalence of erectile and sexual dysfunction is thought to affect 2 per cent of men under the age of 40 years, around 52 per cent of men aged 40 to 70 years and more than 85 per cent of men over 80.

The risk factors associated with sexual  and erectile dysfunction are smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, a lack of physical exercise, stress and an unhealthy diet. The study was conducted on 83 individuals who were following a western diet (poor in fruit and vegetables and rich in animal fats).

The participants were divided into two groups: one group continued to follow their normal western diet over 14 weeks while the other complemented their diet with a daily intake of 60 grams of walnuts,  and almonds.

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At the end of the study period, each individual completed an internationally validated questionnaire containing 15 questions on sexual function.The findings showed that adding wal nuts and almonds to an unhealthy western diet can improve sexual desire and orgasm quality. (ANI)

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