Some foods women should stop eating at work

DN Bureau

It has been found that women who intake snacks at work place consume 100,000 extra calories in every year. Women should avoid this food stuff during at working hour.

Woman snacking at work

This is an equivalent to an additional 50 days' food intake. The annual total of 100,800 extra calories, based on 45 working weeks, is the same as 1,254 glasses of prosecco, 193 double-stacked burgers or 502 bars of chocolate. According to nutritionist they were not surprised by the research but notify that consumption of 500 extra calories in an each day could result in weight gain of half a kilogram a week.


The biscuits may come courtesy of the office biscuit jar, or as special treats that colleagues bring in, but those tasty morsels made from vegetable oil, sugar and white flour are a recipe for disaster when it comes to eating mindless calories and weight gain. Single Chocolate biscuits carry up to 100 calories and 3-4g of fat, there would be no wonder that sweet biscuits closely linked to weight gain.


Single piece of plain cake contain around 10-12g of fat and 300-400 calories. In every week if you having extra sweet treat it will surely lead to weight gain.

Milky Coffee

Milky coffee contains more calories as compare to the black coffee and tea. Even though, a small cup offering at least 80-100 calories. Also two or three cups can equivalent of meal a day.

Dried fruit and nuts

We are mindlessly consuming hundreds of extra calories each week, often under the impression that we are being 'healthy'. When we mindlessly munch on high calorie foods such as nuts and dried fruit it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to weight gain.

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