Health: 5 essential guidelines while working on Computer

Jamimah Joseph

Regular and continuous working on computer may lead to certain troubles like back pain, eyes dryness, neck tension, leg pressure, strain and stress. An exclusive story on Dynamite News:

Sitting posture matters a lot (File Photo)
Sitting posture matters a lot (File Photo)

New Delhi: With the technological advances in communication, the world has become a global village. With just a click we can reach to any nook and cranny in the world in a fraction of a second.  

While this modern technology has brought us lot of comfort, convenience and advantages, it also carries some disadvantages and drawbacks --especially if we are continuously working on a personal computer (PC). This may lead to some physical as well as emotional troubles like back pain, eyes dryness, neck tension, leg pressure, strain and stress. 

Here are some tips that may help you overcome these troubles: 

1. Sitting posture 
A good posture with a comfortable back support will reduce the pressure on your back and spine. Your forearms must be parallel to the desk floor that is at an approximate angle of 90° from your upper arms. Therefore adjust the height of your seat accordingly. 

2. Monitor level 
First, your monitor should neither be too near, nor too far from your eyes. Secondly, keep the top of your monitor at the eye level. Thirdly, avoid frequent bending while staring at the monitor as that may put your back in an odd position which can affect your spine. 

3. Eye care
Working regularly and long hours on your PC may naturally and obviously strain your eyes. Therefore for every 15-20 minutes take away your eyes from the screen and look at something which is 10-20 feet away. Moreover, blink your eyes often to avoid dryness. 

4. Desk area
Keep your work area neat and clean. This way you will be more concentrated and less distracted. Besides, you will have enough space for work material.

5. Small intervals 
Short breaks after every 30-40 minutes will save you from addiction and fatigue and give you enough relief. Moreover, these frequent short breaks are good for your spine also. 

These are just basic guidelines. But if your job requires you to sit with your PC for 8-10 hours, then you should also eat well. You must have frequent meals during the day to maintain your blood glucose levels. Moreover, every 3-6 months you should consult your oculist to keep your eyes fit and fine. 

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